How to Make Your Basics Trendy with Lisa Hahnbück

You don’t have to own every trendy designer piece to add some voguish vibe to your street style. As with your basic ensembles teamed with creativity, you’ll be able to create trendy looks. From Düsseldorf, Germany, Lisa Hahnbück is a style blogger known for her trendy looks featuring the most basic pieces on your wardrobe. Her blog Lisa Rvd is craving for the perfect basic pieces, easy to come for everyone from street style to Fashion Week so keep on reading to be inspired by her.

Button-Down Shirts

cropped jeans with striped button down shirt and jacket

white one shoulder button down shirt with denim shorts white button down shirt with skinny pants off shoulder button-down shirt with leather skirt

If you usually wear your basic shirt buttoned-up with a pair of jeans, it’s time to refresh your look. Like Lisa, think of wearing your basic piece like a trendy off-shoulder blouse, lightweight topper, one-shoulder top, and cuffed sleeves that will make your timeless piece trendy without splurging on new buys. Just be creative and daring tweaking your style as the more eccentric is the more fashion-forward it will be.

White Trousers

flared jeans with bohemian blouse white pants with chic blazer and cute slip ons structured cold shoulder blouse with white pants flared pants with office blazer

White trousers may be challenging to pull off, but they’re perfect for the summer season. Like Lisa, think of trading your black pantsuits with a pair of flared trousers that will still complement your office blazers and chic tops. Since summer is all about keeping your looks cool and stylish while beating the heat, think of trading your black skinny jeans with a pair of white flared jeans that will keep you carefree and chic.

Denim Shorts

denim shorts with chic boyfriend blazer loose top wiith denim shorts frayed denim shorts with retro floral dress denim shorts with lace up blouse

Shorter hemlines may be on trend, especially on the summer, so don your favorite denim shorts with your favorite summer tops and chic blouses. Like Lisa, channel some boho-inspired vibe with lace-up blouses or retro floral dresses treated like tunics that will make your street style more unexpected and creative.

Casual Vest, Jacket, or Kimono

all white outfit with denim jacket white vest with dress and denim shorts jumpsuit with fringed kimono casual vest with leather trousers

Summer may be a time for lightweight outfits, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo those effortlessly cool toppers. Camouflage jackets, casual vests, denim jackets and such can make your street style more effortless and creative. If it feels too hot to drape a jacket on your shoulders, simply tie them on your waist to add some effortlessly cool flair to your street style.

Leather Miniskirt

leather skirt with button down shirt and coat fringed leather skirt with sweater leather skirt with office blazer

Leather may be too hot for summer, but a miniskirt can be edgy and sexy while keeping you cool in the heat. Pair it with lightweight tank tops in the summer and chunky sweater in the chilly months that will add some urban touch to your street style.

Shift Dress

white cotton dress with denim jacket slip dress with tee and jeans casual shift dress with bandana scarf black shift dress with skirt

Shift dresses may be the best option if you wish to conceal your muffin top, but it tends to make your figure a bit boyish since it lacks curves. Like Lisa, knot a denim jacket on your waist to add some feminine curves effortlessly or simply wear some chic accessories like a red saddlebag or a silk scarf that will make your street style more fashion-forward and your basics trendy effortlessly.

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