How to Make Pantsuits Sexier

For the longest time, pantsuits have gained a negative reputation amongst fashionable women. For most, the only time to wear it is for high-profile meetings – or in worst scenarios, a court appearance.

But with the advent of pantsuit advocates such as Olivia Wilde and Rosie Huntington-Whitley, the whole world has finally come to know the chic power of this formal ensemble. So if you have one in your closet, do bring it out! Then, heed these styling tips on how to make pantsuits sexier.

Be Vibrant

Pantsuits are commonly colored in neutral hues. But if you want to break from convention (and look sultrier along the way,) opt for vibrantly-colored ensembles. Vivid colors such as red and fuchsia will surely catch the attention of anybody who goes your way.

vibrant pantsuit

colorful pantsuit

Beautify it with a Bustier

Pantsuits do not necessarily equate to vests and shirt dresses. Be the vamp that you are by swapping common innerwear with a bustier. Not only will this save you from the process of assembling your outfit, the bustier can accentuate your curves at the right places.

bustier pantsuit bustier with pantsuit

Swap it With a Skirt

Although the word pants is in pantsuits, it does not necessarily mean that you should go for trousers. Channel an elegant yet flirty style by wearing a skirt instead. Make the look even hotter by choosing a bolder skirt – think loud prints or mesh designs.

blazer asymmetric skirt blazer striped skirt

Go Bare

If you can (and if it’s permitted at work,) go bare – underneath your pantsuits, that is. It is perhaps the easiest way to add oomph to your outfit. After all, nothing’s sexier than the suppleness of your chest.

sexy pantsuit

plunging neckline pantsuit

Go High with Heels

Pumps are undoubtedly the gold standard shoes for pantsuits, but if you want to enhance your look, go for sexy, strappy high heels. Conservative colors such as black and nude are highly recommended, but if you do not mind jumping out of the box, go for red or yellow.

pantsuit red shoes

coral heels

Pantsuits are no longer the boring, unshapely attires you thought it to be. With the right styling and accessorizing, you can transform the classic ensemble from standard to sexy!

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