How to Make Pale Skin Glow

For most women, winter time is the worst time for the skin. The cold temperatures, both indoors and outdoors, can leave skin looking dry, dull and pale. Having a healthy diet and drinking lots of water can indeed help make pale skin glow during winter but there are other tips and tricks that you can do to make your skin glow even more. If your skin tends to look pale during this time of the year, check out these tips on how to make pale skin glow.

  1. TAKE BETTER CARE OF IT – taking care of your skin in the winter means continuously using sunscreen even when it’s not hot or when the sun isn’t out. It also means making sure your skin care routine is updated and appropriate for the season. Doing this will make your skin glow from the inside out, giving you a natural radiance that you can’t fake with any other method or trick.fresh faced lauren conrad
    dewy skin healthy glow
  2. WARM IT UP WITH BRONZER – pale skin does not always equal to unhealthy skin. There are people who are naturally pale and they tend to look more so, to the point of looking washed out, during the winter time. If you are one of these ladies and you just need a quick skin pick me up, a bit of bronzer on your pale skin may just be what you need. Bronzer warms up the skin and cancels out the paleness. It’s a great quickfix, too, for when you want more radiant skin in an instant.pale but glowing skin amanda seyfried makeup
  3. APPLY SELF-TANNING PRODUCTS – lost your summer glow? Don’t worry. Even without going to the beach to get your natural tan on, you can still achieve the look. All you need is a self-tanning product like a tanning cream, gel or lotion. For natural looking results, make sure you use an applicator that will help you even out the product once it’s on your skin.bronzy pale skin peachy bronze pale skin
  4. ADD A TOUCH OF COLOR – pale skin can look more radiant and glowing when you add a bit of color on. A light dab of blush on your cheeks and a bit of lip tint can go a long way when you’re trying to make pale skin livelier and brighter.rosy cheeks and lips fresh glowing skin
  5. TRY YOUR HAND AT STROBING – strobing is one of the newest beauty trends. It is similar to contouring except that it does not require bronzer and only calls for the use of highlighter. The goal is to bring out the depth and dimensions of your face to give your assets some definition. This is done by applying highlighter on areas that the light touches. Aside from doing this, it also brings a natural, radiant glow to the face.

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