How to Make Luxury Fashion Attainable with Johanna Olsson

Luxury fashion may seem overwhelming as you’re expecting to wear the designer labels head-to-toe. A style blogger from Stockholm, Sweden, Johanna Emma Olsson is known for her high-street meets designer label look, making the luxury fashion attainable. Whether you’re heading to the work, going for a date night, or looking for a fashion-forward off-duty look, keep on reading for her styling tricks on hoe to make luxury fashion attainable.

Mix designer pieces with high-street ensembles.

zebra print jacket with chic outfit

leather shorts with breezy shirt keyhole blouse with white shorts cut out top with mermaid pants and pearl sandals

If you’re on a tight budget, but willing to spend for a designer piece, always go for timeless style that you can wear regardless of the season to make the most out of your investment. An animal print coat or neutral-colored blazer is more versatile over brightly colored ones. Also, you may want to choose toppers, blouses, skirts, and trousers over designer dresses that you can mix with any of your basics. Like Johanna, go for a polished and sleek designer piece that you can wear with your basics including pencil skirts, straight-leg pants, sweaters, skinny jeans, leather shorts, button-down shirts and such.

Go for a monochromatic dressing.

peplum blouse with gray pants wrap blouse with brown leggings white wide leg pants with blazer statement black coat with casual top and skinny jeans

Monochromatic dressing is a timeless way of looking elegant, regardless whether you’re wearing designer labels or not. Like Johanna, add some interest to your monochromatic outfit by contrasting your fabrics or picking different hues that will look cohesive together. A pair of black denim jeans will look perfect with a glossy coat teamed with a pair of black patent heels. If you wish to go for a matching set, add some contrast with your accessories like shoes, bags, or scarves like Johanna did.

Dress up your outfit with a designer accessory.

designer bag with casual chic outfit leopard clutch bag with all white outfit sexy keyhole dress with designer bag white summer dress with designer bag

Designer bags and shoes are notable since they possess a unique or trademark style. So, take advantage of your designer accessories by wearing them with your basic tops. Like Johanna, you may dress up your little black dress with a Louis Vuitton clutch bag, or spice up your summer dress with a pink Chanel sling bag. Regardless of your outfit, your designer bags and shoes will make them look more expensive and elegant. Also, think of designer bags with studs, sequin, embellishments that can spice up your monochromatic outfit, as well as bright colored ones that can instantly make your muted outfits alive.

Keep your silhouettes streamlined and polished.

black pants with tank top espadrilles with designer bag and leather shorts sheer skirt with structured blazer white blazer with nude pants

Resorting to streamlined silhouettes, clean lines, and proportioned structures will keep your outfit streamlined and sleek. Like Johanna, always keep the balance of your outfit whether it’s a conservative neckline with a daring hemline, or a loose fabric with a structured textile. For instance, instead of resorting to a sleeveless tank top to complement your leather shorts, think of a form-fitting tee that will look more polished and sleek. By heeding these tricks from Johanna, you’ll make the luxury fashion attainable.

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