How to Make Fancy Accessories Look Expensive 

If you don’t have a lot of money, you don’t have to worry about accessorizing. Cheap yet chic fancy accessories can do the styling for you. However, when they are worn the wrong way, they can look cheaper than they really are. Upgrade your style with these tips on how to make fancy accessories look expensive.

Be Solid

If you want your bright fancy accessories to stand out, then wear them with a plain outfit. Avoid wearing prints or busy designs as they can take the focus away from your accessories. Remember, too much of a good thing is vile! Let your fancy jewelries shine and you can shine along with them.

yellow necklace

necklace and black dress

It’s All About Texture

A monochromatic look is boring for some, but it can actually make you look more sophisticated than ever. They key to doing so is contrasting textures. For example, wear distressed denim with polished fancy accessories. Better yet, wear rough, punk-chic accessories with a cute, feminine dress.

accessories and distressed denimgold necklace and white outfit

Contrast Matters

Just like texture, contrast can help make your fancy accessories look more opulent. For example, if you want to wear simple accessories, then go ahead and wear a daring outfit. But if you want to put on some statement accessories, then tone down your garments for a balanced yet beautiful look.

simple necklace with casual wear spiky necklace and cream dress

Don’t Be Afraid

Just because they are fancy accessories, it does not mean that they will not look well with your formal gowns or office wears. Remember, it’s all about being unafraid. If you have a collection of jewel-toned fashion accessories, then mix and match them together. Go ahead and mix your metals as well – gold and silver, even bronze. Note that accessorizing is a no-holds barred land – especially this spring season.

jewel tone necklacebig statement necklace

If All Else Fails, Choose White

Do you have a hard time pairing your fancy accessories? For a regal look that will not fail you, pair your golden fancy accessories with a white outfit. Be it a shirt and short ensemble or a suit and trouser combo, an all-white frock can make your fancy gold accessories look unbelievably real.
jewel tone accessorugold accessories and white outfit

Stack Smartly

Jewelry stacking is a good way to make fashion accessories look more expensive. But before you go ahead with the stacking, remember this: pick only one or two ‘focal’ pieces. Avoid stacking statement bracelets or rings altogether, as they will outshine one another. Relegate the focus on one or two pieces and complement these attention-grabbers with subtle, dressed-down accessories.

stacked rings stacked bracelet

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