How to Make Comfortable Dressing Chic

Nowadays, we’re living in a golden age of comfy dressing — a lazy girl’s fashion paradise. Though athletic pieces like jogger pants and oversized outfits are trendy right now, they can hardly look chic no matter how comfortable they’re. Remember, a casual chic is not so much a style as an attitude towards fashion. It allows you to look stylish and laid-back without looking too “done-up”, at the same time not frumpy. So, keep on reading for our tricks to make comfortable dressing chic.

Don’t even think about wearing high heels but go for chic flats.

chic blazer with denim shorts and oxfords

white sneakers with culottes and coat gladiator sandals with black dress birkenstock sandals with casual chic outfit

Though classic pumps give you that powerful feminine image, they often feel uncomfortable and must be saved for office looks. For your weekend style, think of ballet flats, canvas sneakers, strappy sandals, slip-on espadrilles, or even Birkenstocks that will look perfect with your chic outfits. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, think of a pair of oxfords that will go well with your chic blazer and denim shorts. Or, think of a pair of gladiator sandals that will go perfectly with your summer dresses to keep you comfortable at the same time stylish. Indeed, you don’t need to wear a stiletto just to look good.

Opt for good-fitting outfits so you won’t need a belt.

white summer dress striped dress with leopard flats navy jumpsuit with thong sandals chic white jumpsuit with heels

Though belts can dress up your outfits, cinching your waist in is not comfortable. Also, good belts are quite expensive and a bad belt will ruin your outfit. So, think of a dress or jumpsuit with a banded waistline that is not too tight to accent your figure without making you uncomfortable. Also, think of high-waist bottoms that will accentuate your waist while wearing a loose top. Fit-and-flare dresses and empire-waist outfits are also figure-flattering without making you feel uncomfortable compared to bodycon dresses with a tight fit.

Avoid looking frumpy in loose clothing by showing a little extra skin.

cropped shirt with white pants striped dress with sun hat striped backless maxi dress off shoulder top with flared pants

Though loose outfits are trendy right now at the same time comfortable, avoid looking frumpy in them by showing a little extra skin with your neckline, hemline, or even cut-out details. Showing actual skin is way sexier and more comfortable than strapping yourself into something body-con. To give your outfit some proportions, always wear a loose top with something short on the bottom. On the other hand, if you’re wearing something loose on the bottom, pair it with something that shows off your arms, chest, shoulders, or back.

Dress up your casual pieces with chic ensembles.

structured coat with sneakers espadrilles with travel outfit denim shorts with off shoulder blouse chic dress with sneakers

Denim pieces and other casual items scream effortlessly cool, but not chic all the time. So dress them up instead by teaming them with chic yet comfortable pieces like an off-shoulder blouse, a chic dress, a chiffon top, or a structured coat that will give some flair to your street style. With our easy tricks, you can now go from a day out with your friends to collapsing onto the couch without feeling the need to change into something more comfortable.

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