How to Make a Stylish Statement with Your Winter Outfit

Winter fashion can be a little boring and dull sometimes, especially to those who choose to stick with dark colors and those who choose comfort over style (though it doesn’t have to be the case all the time). Making a statement is easy when you can wear all the colors you want in one look but when you’re limited to winter-themed pieces, colors, and prints, it’s a different story. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a stylish statement while rocking a comfy winter look. Here are some tips on how to get it done.

  1. Wear an oversized fur jacket – fur has always been a winter favorite for many girls and while a plain ol’ fur jacket can be a stunning piece on its own, wearing it oversized can make a huge impact and create a serious fashion statement within your look.oversized black and green jacket
    oversized fur jacket
  2. Try all-black with a pop of color – all black outfits are pretty common during winter time so to make sure you don’t get lost in a sea of black ensembles, adding a pop of color to your look is a must. Try carrying a bright bag or wearing a colorful beanie. You can also add a pop of color to your look by wearing brightly colored statement shoes.all black outfit and pink coat all black with a pop of red
  3. Look for statement footwear – boots are a must for winter so why not look for a pair that will become the focal point of your look? The right boots can take a simple winter outfit to the next level easily. Look for a pair with interesting details like lace-ups, unique heels, dashing colors, and the like.statement boots with sweater dress statement lace up winter shoes
  4. Play with texture – playing with texture can create a big difference in your look. There are certain textures that, when worn together, create a beautiful combo that can make an outfit look a hundred times better. Some of the most popular texture combos for winter include leather and fur, denim and fur, knits and lace, etc.texture play on knit and suede texture play on silk and jeans
  5. Layer up – one of the easiest ways to make your winter outfits look more stylish is to simply layer up. Layering is a tried and true styling trick that works for anyone. Be careful, though. You wouldn’t want to put on too many layers and create an unflattering look.layered outfit kenda;; jenner layered winter outfit
  6. Get trendy – going with the current trends is never a bad thing as long as you’re comfortable with it. One really easy way to create a stylish statement with your winter look is to inject a bit of the trends to it.

trendy striped cape trendy winter outfit

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