How To Make A Fish Tail Braid

It’s always the right time to channel summer and hippie mermaid dreams with the fish tail braid. A tried and true go to look that could quite possibly be perfect for any occasion, it’s Blake Lively and Leona Lewis’ signature style and red carpet favorite look! Recreate the intimidating fishtail braid with these simple steps.

perfect braid

1. Bring your hair into a pony tail, and then section your hair down the length of it.

how to achieve a fish tail

Start off by bringing your hair into a ponytail, it makes things much easier. You can have your braid any which way you like, whether strewn across your head like a crown, falling down the back, or on the side. But today’s tutorial will teach you how to make a side fish tail. Split your hair down the middle to reveal two sections. Unlike the classic braid, you’ll only need to sections to achieve the look.

2. Pull a small section of hair from the edge of one of the pony tails.

cute braid

Time to unveil the trick to this elaborate braid:  separate a small section of your hair from the outer edge close to your elastic band, crossing it over to the opposite side. Overlap just like you would if you were doing a regular braid. Reaffirm your grip on your hair to tighten the plait, still holding both sections. Repeat with a small section from the other side.

3. Keep at it until you’ve covered the length of the braid you want, and seal with an elastic band. 

pretty cute fishtail braid

All that intricate handiwork decoded in three easy steps. Go figure? It’s no wonder why it’s a favorite. For all its complex glory, it’s effortlessly chic and never fails to bring a fresh twist to your hair game. The best part about this look is that the messier it is, the better it looks! Thin, tight fish tail braids are a popular choice, but regular to thick sized braids look amazing when you pull or tug at the edges, loosening them. It starts to look less uniform and more….magic.

Here’s Selena Gomez rocking her super cute-meets-sexy fish tail braid, and nice and messy:

how to conquer the fishtail braid

Mermaids with short and medium length hair can work them, too! Just look at Emma slay, because when does she not?

hollywood fish tail trend

To get those double-taps firing away, up your hair game by taking your fishtail and twisting it into an elegant bun. Start off with two small fishtail braids from each side of your face. Leave those sections of hair untouched while moving on to create a bun like you usually would. After having the bun in place, wrap the braids around it and you’re good to go!

fishtail bun

For a more delicate touch, have your hair fall in waves alongside a beautiful fishtail braid that’s framed nicely by the soft, voluminous curls. Start off with a gorgeous french twist braid that crowns the top of your head, and then gradually work your way down along one side of your face, creating a beautifully braided and tight fishtail.

how to braid

For something just as gorgeous, take sections of your hair from each side, and then twist them until they meet in the middle at the back of your head. taking the two twisted sections, begin your fishtail braid and have it cascade down. Conquering a fishtail has never been this easy!

effortless fresh fishtail style

And for my absolute favorite tip, adding accessories like beads, feathers, or flowers into your braid makes all the difference! I especially love hair that comes in vibrant colors. From pale pastels to dark crimsons, I love mermaids who have a flare for the dramatic. Here’s a beautiful fishtail with the cutest little flowers strewn into it:

beautiful flowers in the braid

I had fun, I hope you did too!

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