How to Make a Fashion Statement this Spring

Spring is the time to strut your stuff. After all, you don’t have to prioritize warmth over style. Break out of your dowdy winter clothes with these pieces that can help you how to make a fashion statement this spring.

Cut Out Clothes

Spring is all about exposing the body parts you have kept under wraps during winter. With that being said, cut out clothes are the answers to the question “How to make a fashion statement?” Since they look great with everything, you won’t have a problem styling these garments.

white cut out dress

cut out dress

Knee-Length Skirts

Spring is the best time to show your legs. But before you rummage the mall for mini skirts, know that knee-length skirts have made a big fashion comeback. As such, it is essential that you know how to make a fashion statement with the season’s hottest trend that is the knee-length skirt.

floral knee-length skirt blue skirt


Spring is the time of blossoming flowers. Similar to the surroundings, floral pieces make for stunning elements to wear this spring. Although floral designs are deemed conventional, mixing it with sturdier elements (leather jacket, anybody?) are good ways how to make a fashion statement. Again, if you want to stand out above the rest, make sure to pair your dainties with unique and eclectic style staples.

leather jacket and floral dressstriped top and floral skirt


Spring is the best time to wear patterns. If you are serious about how to make a fashion statement, then know that stripes and dots are the hottest patterns of the season. With that being said, they surely look great with solid colors. But if you want to rise above the rest, then you can go ahead and mix your stripes with your dots!

stripe and dot outfit dot and stripe outfit

Black and White

The monochromatic palette has long been linked with winter and fall fashions. But if you want to know how to make a fashion statement, then make sure to surprise everybody with a black and white ensemble. You can get each color for each piece, or you can pick both in unique monochromatic designs. Remember to prevent monotony by incorporating a vibrant statement, such as super-rouge lips, a red bag, or pink heels.

black and white outfit monochromatic dress

Electrifying Colors

The polar opposite to black and white, electrifying colors are some of the hues to try this spring. True to the name, these shades can visually zap everyone around you. A bright top or a vibrant bottom is a good way to style spring, although you can go minimal with the electrifying colors. A neon necklace, shocking belt, or electrifying shoe are good accessories for those who know how to make a fashion statement.

neon outfitelectric pink outfit

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