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How To Make A Donut Bun!

How to Make a 
Donut Bun ? HI Girls! Today i will show you how i make my perfect donut bun!

It always puzzled me how girls get their buns so big, its obvious that its not their natural hair, when i finally found the donut it made scene. First i bought the smallest donut because i didn’t want to look silly with a huge bun on my head but the small donut didn’t work for me it just looked too small so i bought the larger one from New Look for about £3.00 and i love it. You can get then from possibly every shop now, you can also get smaller or larger depending on what size of a bun you want. donut for bunFirstly you will need to put your hair in a pony tail, as high or as low as you like, next you will need to place the donut on top of you ponytail then put your hair over and tuck it under and pin it with a bobby pin if you have short layers like me but if you have longer layers you shouldn’t have any problems.
when the donut bun is done i like to pull out bits of hair to make it messy.How To Make A Donut Bun tutorial
Making my donut bun…
making A Donut Bun
Donut Bun
Hope you liked my donut bun tutorial!