How to Look Stylish on a Rainy Day

Spring is here and while many of us are glad that the cold winter days are over, I know there are also some of you out there who aren’t very excited for spring because of the rain that it brings. Rain can really put a damper on a lot of things including your style but don’t worry because we have a lot of tips for you on how to look stylish on a rainy day.

  • INVEST IN STYLISH OUTERWEAR – winter may be over but that doesn’t mean the need for outerwear stops. For a rainy day, you’ll want something lighter than your winter staples but just as comfy and can keep you warm. Waterproof ones are ideal as well. A cute trench coat will get you from home to the workplace in style and will also keep your clothes from getting wet. If you want a less dressy option, go for a bright and colorful raincoat instead. Leather jackets, parkas and even PVC outerwear are among the other options you can choose from.

outerwear trench coat

outerwear trench

  • WEAR DARK COLORS – yes, I know you’ve waited so long for spring so you can sport those cute and girly pastels but what’s a great outfit when it’s soiled and dirty from the wet outdoors, right? Hold off on the whites as well as the light colors and wait ‘til the rainy days are over before you sport them.

dark colors outfit dark colors

  • BRIGHTEN UP YOUR LOOK WITH ACCESSORIES – if you can’t stand the idea of sporting dark colors any longer, just know that you can always brighten up your look by accessorizing. Choose bright and colorful accessories to give your rainy day outfit a more fun and cheery vibe.

bright and matching accessories bright accessories

  • DON’T FORGET RAINY DAY ACCESSORIES – and while you’re having fun picking out your colorful accessories like jewelry and whatnot, don’t forget to pick out cute rainy day accessories as well. These include an umbrella, rain boots and hats among others.

rainy day accessories umbrella rainy day accessories

  • FLAT SHOES WORK BEST – if you’re a big heels girl, I really can’t blame you for raising an eyebrow at this tip but trust me, flat shoes work best on rainy days. Thanks to the fashion gods, flat shoes today aren’t very limiting and, often, you’ll be able to find a flat version of your favorite heel style so that shouldn’t be a problem style-wise. If you insist on wearing heels, don’t wear them out in the rain. Instead, pack them up so you can change into them once you reach your destination.

flat shoes flats birks

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