How to Look Stylish at the Beach on a Budget

Spending the holiday at the beach with friends is a perfect time to look stylish and show off your sexy figure as well as your fashion style. Running out of ideas how to look fashionable without unnecessary splurges? You will want to check out these tips on how to look stylish at the beach on a budget.

empire dress with hat

espadrilles with breezy outfit sunhat and tote with chic outfit lightweight top with denim shorts

Accessories can make or break your outfits including your beach fashion style as well. Before buying new accessories, think on your basic ones that you already have like a pair of chic sunglasses, wide-brimmed straw hat, chic floppy hat, chunky statement accessories, bandana, and tote bags that already look fashionable. Since your tote bag is for carrying around all your beach essentials, you can DIY it to give your looks some personality. When you personalize your beach bag yourself, you’ll just love how it’ll glisten under the sun, how cute it’ll look with your swimsuits and lounge around outfits too. Go for chic and comfortable footwear that you wouldn’t mind getting wet like espadrilles, chic flip flops, thong sandals and such.

breezy coverup with hat breezy maxi dress chic white dress with hat chic wrap dress snake print maxi dress shift dress with tote bag lightweight shirtdress

Sundresses, lightweight maxi dresses, shift dresses, shirtdresses, and wrap dresses are fashionable “lounge around” outfits or cover-ups for your swimwear. You don’t have to buy new ones as these basic dresses might be in your closet already. Just look for stylish ones with a lightweight feel, breezy silhouette, and beach-friendly styles even though you’ve already worn them on your street looks.

backless top with skirt fluffy skirt with tank top

If you don’t have those dresses appropriate for beachwear, you may look for your tops or skirts in lightweight fabrics like chiffon, chambray, lace, rayon and such than can be used as your “lounge around” outfit instead of buying a new one. Crop tops, backless tops, button-down shirts, strapless blouses, flowy tops, off shoulder blouses, peasant tops, halter tops, and even tube tops are great as well as crochet and lace skirts.

lightweight shorts with crisp top shorts with lightweight pastel top white denim shorts with swimwear

Skip those pants no matter how dressy they are as they’ll just get wet in the waters and you’ll just look sloppy. Instead, go for cut-off shorts, short shorts, tasseled denim shorts, lightweight shorts and such. You may even go for a button-down shirt, but just crop them by knitting the end sides together creating a laid-back feel. If your shirt is lightweight and sheer already like a lace or chiffon, you may tuck it in your shorts to keep it sleek and polished.

emerald green chic swimwear color blocked swimwear fringe swimwear sexy chic swimwear

It’s true that wearing the right swimsuits perfect for your body shape can make a big difference to your look. But, if you want to spend your holiday at the beach on a budget, know where you should splurge on and where you can save. Maybe you’ve accumulated tons of bikinis tops and bottoms over the years so instead of splurging on a new pair, just be creative and crafty mixing and matching them to create new combinations that look fashionable and chic. Mismatched and quirky bikinis are on-trend so feel free to wear them with confidence. After all, capturing the beach moments and feeling good about yourself are all that matter.


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