How to Look Sophisticated in Slip-on Sneakers

A girlier version of the traditional lace-up sneaks, slip-on sneakers has been the footwear of choice of many. And why not? They are as comfy as they are stylish. Give your sky-high heels a breather by opting for these sophisticated, sneaker-centered outfits.

Dress it up for Sporty Sophistication

Dresses usually go with heels and sandals. But if you want to look sporty yet sophisticated all at the same time, then settle with your favorite pair of slip-on sneakers. Your fab shoes can give your outfit a casual, athletic feel.

black dress and sneakers

white dress and sneakers

White is Right

White jeans have become the new fashion alternatives for the traditional skinny jeans. While they look stellar in heels and sandals, they are perfect with slip-on sneakers as well. These shoes are just what you need for a trendy resort style.

white jeans with sneakers white jeans and slip on sneakers

Leather is for Luxury

Leather is a luxurious fabric that can give some edge to your look. While you are at it, why not wear your favorite leather pieces with a slip-on sneaker as well? The shoes can incorporate some casual flair into your edgy leather fashion.

leather jacket and slip onsleather and slip on sneakers

Mesmerize with Monochrome

In my previous article about wearing monochrome outfits, I have mentioned about giving your outfit a “kick.” In this case, that kick can be a fun slip-on sneaker. This can be the splash of color that can prevent your attire from falling fashionably flat.

leather and sneakersmonochrome outfit and sneakers

Stand Out in Overalls

For some, overalls can be reminiscent of their childhood. If you want to invoke your lolly-toting memories of the past, then hit the town in a pair of overalls. Inject more youth into your look by pairing it with a good pair of slip-on sneakers.
overalls and sneakersdenim overalls and slip ons

Brighten it up with a Button-Down Top

For a stylish, nautical feel, wear your button-down top with your slip-on sneakers. Such shoes can be the one item that can transform your office look into a party-ready outfit.

white dress with sneakersbutton down top with sneakers

Pair your Sneaks

Matching colors is always a good idea. But you don’t have to go overboard with the color though. An easy yet stylish way to accomplish this trend is to pick a top that coordinates with the colors and designs of your slip-on sneakers.

black top and slip on sneakers black top and sneakers

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