How to Look Sexy Yet Classy in Bralettes and Bandeaus

The onset of summer and the rise in temperatures means the return of visible midriffs. Although cropped tees are always a staple, bralettes and bandeau tops are becoming the favorite choices among the fashion set as they can be worn from casual to red carpet-ready looks. Since a bralette resembles a bra and a bandeau looks daring enough, keep on reading for our styling tricks on how to wear them in a sexy and classy way.

  1. Wear a statement necklace or a pair of earrings.

gold necklace with sheer lace dress

statement-necklace-with-bralette-and-blazer silver-bandeau-top-with-statement-necklace-and-blazer gold necklace with sheer top and bralette

Wearing classy and elegant necklace, preferably gold or silver, with your sexy tops will balance the sexy looks and will draw the attention on your statement piece. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, opt for a chunky necklace with oversized pendant, gold chains, intricate design, and modern structure to draw attention away from your cleavage while giving enough elegance and polish to your sexy outfit.

  1. Opt for classy styles on your bralettes and bandeaus.

chic bandeau top with oalazzo pants metallic silver bandeau top with tankini leather-bandeau-top-with-checkered-skirt

If you’re aiming for a sexy yet classy look, skip denim fabric and other materials that don’t look elegant enough, as well as styles that look so daring inappropriately. Instead, going for leather, metallic, silk, or even laser cut details can be great to look classy on your street looks. If since a bralette typically shows your cleavage, opt for thicker versions so it would cover some skin on your midriff while a bandeau top can still look classy in tube styles as long as it doesn’t reveal your cleavage.Bandeaus can sometimes be worn as a beachwear so be selective on what bottoms you’re going to match with them.

  1. Wear your sexy tops with high-waist bottoms.

leather-bandeau-top-with-high-waist-pants white bandeau top with high waist skirt red midi skirt with bandeau top

To balance your sexy statement, always wear a high-waist bottom with your bralette and bandeau top, unless you’re on the beach side. Or else, you’ll look inappropriately sexy on the streets. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, if you’re wearing a crop top that reveals your cleavage and midriff at the same time, simply top your outfit with a lightweight coat to keep your looks tamed.

  1. Team your bralette with a sheer or cut-out top.

cut out top with bralette and wide leg pants sheer top with bralette and leather trousers

If you’re not a fan of showing your skin in public, simply wear your bralette with a cut-out top that covers enough skin like Blair Eadie wore. On the contrary, of you feel confident enough to flaunt what you’ve got, opt for sheer or lace tops that will intentionally show off your sexy bralettes like Micah Gianneli did.

  1. Let your bralette peek from your sexy necklines.

bralette with cropped shirt and nude leather leggings tuxedo-vest-with-bralette plaid shirt with bralettes and leather ‌leggings cape with bralette and straight leg pants

Wearing button-down shirts and vests can let you decide on how much skin you would like to show. In this case, you may think of intentionally lowering your neckline with the aim of letting your sexy top peek through like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli did.

  1. Top your bralette or bandeau with a chic blazer.

chic-bandeau-top-with-blazer-and-pants -bralette-with-dress-pants-and-oversized-jacket metallic silver bandeau top with chic blazer and white pants matching set with bandeau top bralette with white blazer and pants

Bralettes and bandeaus are typically sexier than corset tops. So, think of topping them with a chic blazer to keep your looks classy and sophisticated. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of a matching set of a blazer and pants that will pull your sexy looks together. This way, you’ll be able to rock the sexy trend in a sexy yet classy way.

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