How to Look Sexy with Knee-High Boots

Give you the glam quotient and makes you look sexy, a pair of knee-high boots is a great investment to walk down the streets with pride and confidence. However, be careful wearing these boots if you’re bottom-heavy or short legs as it may only make you look stumpy and swamp your frame. In order to look sexy on your street looks, keep on reading for our stylish tips on wearing knee-high boots.

black jacket with red skirt with boots

black top and blue skirt with boots cardigan with knee-high boots denim shorts and sweater with boots white skirt with boots suede boots with classic outfitleather boots with all black outfit

One of the best things about wearing boots is that, you wouldn’t need to wear tons of jewelry or accessories to turn eyes around you as the boots alone will do it all for you. For a sexy casual style, you may go for miniskirts and short shorts with knee-high boots as they provide enough coverage for your legs so you wouldn’t look too much revealing when you show off your thighs. If you may, wear some sheer stockings to avoid baring the skin. If you wish to wear below the knee skirts, opt for ones with high slits to reveal your knee-boots. Neutral shades of brown, black, and gray boots are highly versatile to suits any color of outfits you’re planning to wear. Black knee-high boots look stylish as the color itself creates its own glamorous statement.

leopard boots with casual chic outfit chic boots and hat with cute outfitripped jeans with boots vintage boots with chunky knits and jeans

If you wish to opt for pants, go for skinny and tight fitting ones so the hem would fit in your boots. Leather trousers, denim skinny jeans, leggings, and even patent leather pant would look great with these boots. Wearing knee-high boots with wedge heels adds some height to you visually especially if it matches the color of your pants. If you want to add some height to your frame, go for beige boots with beige colored pants, or black boots with skinny black pants.

boots with boho outfit cashmere gray dress with boots chic poncho with knee high boots edgy skirt with boots knee high boots with safari dress suede hat and boots with black dress

Dresses can create fashionable styles that can be complemented with boots. Think of safari dresses, boho-inspired dress, feminine lace dress, flirty shift dresses, edgy leather dresses, and even shirt dresses that can twist your style in an instant. Suede or velvety boots looks good with folds on top that can also be matched with any short dress to make it look good.

thigh-high classic boots with leather dress knee-high boots with colorful outfit knee high boots with edgy outfit colorful outfit with boots checkered outfit with boots

To bring more interest to your looks, contrast different fabrics, colors, and textures with your outfit like wearing leather dress with a knitted scarf, or wearing a color blocked outfit with knee-high boots. Wearing prints on prints, denim on denim, suede on suede, and leather on leather makes your street looks stunning and statement-making. Also, monochrome dressing composed of different fabrics like a leather jacket, suede boots, and chiffon dress make a stylish and edgy statement without looking over-the-top.

Knee-high boots are one of the statement footwear to steal the show, and to make them look captivating wear confidence and a magnificent fashion style on your street looks.



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