How to Look Romantic on Casual Weekends

Casual weekends are typically the best days to wear your favorite jeans, tee, and sneakers that seem so relaxed and effortless. If you have a romantic fashion personality who never wants to lose your feminine allure or simply wish to look ladylike and feminine on the weekends, looking romantic with your choice of clothes and accessories counts. Looking for inspiration on how to look romantic on casual weekends? Keep on scrolling to scoop some of our styling tricks.

  1. Dress up your outfit with dressy, feminine accessories.

chic white dress with statement sandals

feminine pumps with polka dots top and leggings red valentino shoes with midi skirt and striped tee pink ballet flats with romantic outfit lace up sandals with chic top and denim shorts

Skip those edgy boots and sporty sneakers and instead go for dressy shoes or sandals. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for a pair of red statement sandals with ribbon designs to spice up your simple white dress. Though big ribbons in your bags and shoes may not always be practical, you may still stick to prettily embellished accessories. Your shoes, hair clips, belts, and handbags will look feminine in the shades of pastel, pink, and red as well as stylish details of bows, beads, embroidery, or flowers. This way, you’ll give some romantic vibe to your casual weekend outfit without dressing head-to-toe pink or floral print dresses as feminine accessories will do the tricks for you.

  1. Opt for chic styles of denim items to look romantic on your casual street style.

chic coat with skinny jeans fur jacket with colored jeans and nude pumps white jeans with striped top and pink bag white denim overalls with pink striped top

If you have a romantic fashion personality, you are likely drawn toward dresses and skirts rather than boxy and stiff pants or jackets. But, as much as you can, skip those blue jeans with distressed features as it won’t look romantic and feminine. You may go for plain styles, colored jeans, or even white denim for a chic vibe. Like Blair Eadie, always include a softening element on your top by wearing a chic coat, fur jacket, feminine blouse, or a pastel pink sweater with your denim item.

  1. Go for feminine styles, cuts, and silhouettes on your outfits.

draped blouse with pastel skirt white cut out dress with black pumps romantic dress with clutch flowy dress with ankle strap sandals floral lace skirt with white blouse

You’ll instinctively choose softness and drape in beautiful fabrics, gentle colors, and curvy shapes. Fur, chiffon, velvet, and silk are soft and touch-enticing enough that can set the theme of your look. When choosing for feminine styles, cuts, and silhouettes on your outfit, think of your goal whether you wish to look girly, ladylike, or even quirky on your style. For instance, you may choose a beautiful soft knit to look ladylike rather than a jacket that’s too boxy and structured. The addition of a ruffle or feminine design will always soften a plain garment even you’re casually dressed. You may also go for feminine and soft shades of pink, blue, or even camel that looks gentle compared to dark shades of navy and black.

  1. Select those classy and feminine prints to add some spice to your looks.

floral maxi dress with clutch striped top with pink skirt striped outfit with nude shoes polka dots maxi dress with hat pink top with striped midi skirt pink pumps with striped dress floral print dress with black mary jane shoes

When choosing prints, go for classic stripes, polka dots, floral, and skip those geometric-inspired prints, novelty prints, and quirky patterns that will just take the sophistication away from you. Also, avoid mixing prints as it won’t look romantic enough for your casual weekend style. Just save those trends when you’re in the mood of getting modern and trendy on your street style. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for a plain pink crop top to wear with your pink-and-white striped midi skirt or a pastel blue polka dots dress with a chat to channel your romantic mood.

  1. Go for chic dress pants to look effortlessly romantic on casual weekends.

floral print pants with blue blouse pink dress pants with striped top pastel pink outfit with pink clutch green dress pants with white blouse

When you do choose trousers, prefer ones with a wider leg in a soft and fluid fabric and team it with the most gorgeous array of tops you can find. A draped blouse, ruffled top, off-shoulder top, chic coat and such can be great to look fabulous and romantic on your casual weekends.

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