How to Look Posh Like Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham – former Spice Girl and wife of hottie David Beckham – is regarded as one of the classiest fashionistas in the planet. Whether she’s going to a red carpet party or jetsetting to another country, she always looks impeccable. Emulate her ‘posh’ style by heeding these style tips.

Minimalism is Magnificent

While Victoria is known to sport bright colors from time to time, her trademark style is minimalist. She is often seen in muted colors, such as black and grey. Although this is the case, she manages to hike up the style factor by styling herself with gold accessories and subtle pops of color.

Victoria Beckham on her way to her fashion shoot

black minimalist dress

It’s a Balancing Act

True enough, Mrs. Posh has mastered the art of balancing fashion. In this look, she has managed to create a seamless marriage of formal and casual with this sleek blazer and crop pants. Follow her style by mixing and matching your sporty attires with more structured pieces.

victoria beckham layered clothes casual formal attire

Pencil is Posh

Mrs. Beckham likes flaunting her long legs – and with good reason – in pencil-cut dresses and skirts. Her choice of cut is no surprise, as it is very form-flattering. Get to look like this high-fashion celeb by investing in sleek pencil-cut dresses and skirts.

victoria beckham orange dressyellow pencil cut dress

Beautify with Belts

Victoria Beckham is known for her trim figure, and she successfully brandishes it with belts. Even if you are not as slim as Posh Spice, you can create a sexier silhouette by wearing waist-cinching belts.

victoria beckham belted dress belted cream dress

Be High in Heels

For as long as she has been in show business, Victoria Beckham has always adored high heels. While you might not be comfortable in these height-boosting heels, you can be as confident as Posh Spice! All you need to do is wear round toe heels at half a size bigger than your usual measurement for comfy toe movement.

Victoria Beckham & Tanya Ramsey Out With Their Children (USA ONLY) high heel boots

Victoria Beckham might wear expensive clothes, but you can look like her – even with bargain buys. Just make sure to keep these fashion tips in mind and you will end up as posh as the ex-Spice girl herself.

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