How to Look Like Lorde

Lorde has indeed come a long way. From being a simple New Zealand teen, she’s now a well-known singer-songwriter in Hollywood with so many exciting projects ahead of her. Aside from the things that are yet to come, Lorde has also already gotten into some really cool projects and those weren’t limited to music alone. Case in point: her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics that resulted to the release of her own mini line of makeup goodies. With the help of the products in her MAC collection (or dupes of them if you want to be more practical) and some other makeup essentials, you can get Lorde’s unique signature look. Here are some beauty tips on how to look like Lorde.

  • Even out your skin tone – no, Lorde’s skin from her Royals music video wasn’t in the best and most perfect condition, obviously, but that’s not the look we’re going for here. We’re going for Lorde’s latest and more refined look where she always has porcelain white semi-dewy, semi-matte skin and for you to be able to achieve that, evening out your skin tone is key. If you have lots of redness going on, using a green based concealer or powder will help cancel it out.

lorde not in black

  • Build up the base – for foundation you need something that matches your skin tone closely, if not perfectly. Lorde obviously has really light and pale skin which adds to the porcelain-ness of her look but if yours is darker than hers it’s perfectly fine as long as you match your foundation well. Choose a full coverage foundation and lightly dust on a bit of setting powder just to get some of the shine / dewiness from the foundation away. Concealer is a must to get flawless looking skin even when your skin isn’t at its best condition.

lorde grammys makeup look lorde in concert lorde makeup look

  • Beautiful brows – Lorde’s brows are very natural looking. They don’t look too meticulously shaped but they aren’t funky and sticking out in all the wrong places as well. To get the look, simply shape your brows and trim excess hair along the way then, if needed, fill them in to make them look fuller. If you already have full-looking brows, skip the filling in part and proceed to applying brow gel so they stay put all day.

black and white lorde photo lorde rare makeup look glam shot lorde

  • Eye makeup – nothing too fancy is needed to copy Lorde’s eye makeup. A pearlescent eye champagne-y colored eye shadow or something slightly darker all over the lids and basic eyeliner is really all you need to get the basic look. To glam it up, a coat or two of mascara and a winged liner would be enough. No falsies, no fancy smoky eye, nothing but since you’ll be doing a rather dark lip later on with a strong brow, you’ll want to keep the eyes looking light and fresh so make sure to cover up any dark circles and eye bags.

flawless lorde look lorde pale white skin lorde nude look

  • Vampy lips – now, we get to the crucial part of copying Lorde’s look and that is her lips. If you want the exact same color that Lorde wears most of the time, you’ll want to get your hands on MAC’s Pure Heroine from very own collection. If you’re on a budget, though, you can get dupes too. Start by lining your lips so you can get a well-defined, sharp, bold lip. Fill it in with lip liner and top it off with lipstick and you’re good to go. On some occasions, Lorde also wears a nude lip so if you’re not up for such a bold color, you can go nude instead as well.

vampy lips winged liner look super dark lip look

That’s about it for Lorde’s makeup look but if you want to go all out on copying her, the last step would be hair which you can create with a triple barrel curling iron and some volumizing spray.

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