How to Look Like Famous American Fashion Icons

When it comes to style, nothing beats the flair and elegance of American fashion icons. Channel the look of these trendy mavens by fusing their trademark pieces into your current style.

Grace Kelly

One of the most famous American fashion icons who a lot of people look up to is the sophisticated Grace Kelly. The late Princess of Monaco is known not only for her acting prowess, but for her keen sense of style as well. In a nutshell, her style is defined as ‘preppy chic.’

grace kelly

Key Pieces to Covet: Knotted Silk Scarf and Classic Pearls

knotted scarf and pearl earrings knotted silk scarf and pearls

Marilyn Monroe

A list of American fashion icons is incomplete without Marilyn Monroe in it. More than just a sex siren, Monroe is classified as one of the trendiest ladies of her time. With her trademark red lips and flowy bob, Monroe’s style can be quantified as “basic chic.”

marilyn monroe

Key Pieces to Covet: Striped Tees, Button Downs, Slip Dresses, and Denims

marilyn monroe style marilyn monroe fashion

Elizabeth Taylor

With her style philosophy of “luxe elegance,” the late Elizabeth Taylor is considered as one of the most prolific American fashion icons the world has ever had. And as she aged, she managed to transcend her chic fashion aura throughout the years. Although her style elements are very expensive, you do not have to spend your entire fortune to look like Elizabeth Taylor. In fact, you can get her illustrious look by going through vintage stores and being in the lookout for opulent yet inexpensive pieces.

elizabeth taylor

Key Pieces to Covet: Empire-Waist Dresses, Luxe Jewelries, and Silk Turbans

elizabeth taylor fashion empire waist dress

Lauren Hutton

When it comes to an androgynistic look, revolutionary model Lauren Hutton is the one you should look up to. As one of the most accomplished American fashion icons of all time, she has managed to pull off styles that were considered daring and adventurous during her time. Emulate her personal, laidback style by mixing menswear-inspired pieces with delicate, feminine garments.

lauren hutton

Key Pieces to Covet: Jumpsuit and Menswear-Inspired Pieces

black suit outfit black jumpsuit outfit


When it comes to American fashion icons, Madonna, without a doubt has a style to reckon with. Ever since she entered the scene in the 1980’s, she managed to be at par with the ever-changing fashions of her time. Although 80’s fashion is seen as passe today, the way that she brought herself during her “Material Girl” days proves to be a style worth emulating.

madonna outfit

Key Pieces to Covet: Crop Top, Leather Caps, and Wayfarers

madonna style outfit madonna style fashion


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