How to Look Like a High Maintenance Woman

How to Look Like a High Maintenance Woman 

High Maintenance woman

In many areas of my life I don’t like to think of myself as being a ‘high-maintenance’ woman, but when it comes to grooming I most certainly am. Keeping on top of the upkeep can be a never ending  chore – there always seems to be something that needs plucking, primping and preening.

If it’s not my nails which I end up painting most days, then it’s tackling hair removal in one place or another and not to mention looking after my long locks (nightmare).

Last week it was that time of the month again, no not that one, but an entirely different monthly cycle altogether – the one I call my monthly maintenance, which includes several trips the nearest salon. Almost all of my grooming I do myself, but there a few jobs I simply couldn’t do at home.

High Maintenance woman-1

Getting HD’d

For well over a year now I’ve been having my brows regularly HD’d. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then here’s a quick breakdown for you.Getting HD Brows is the ultimate treatment in brow taming, it’s an intense seven step programme to perfection that includes:

  • Analysis – your beauty therapist works with you do determine the perfect shape for you.
  • Tinting – natural or not, tinting fills in gaps and can add length/width.
  • Waxing – removes the majority of the hair to create the shape you desire.
  • Trimming – brow scissors are used to shape unruly hairs, mainly at the front.
  • Threading – a spot of threading allows for the cleanest, most precise shape.
  • Tweezing – plucking ensures all unwanted hairs are gone.
  • Filling – where needed the brows are drawn in.

Although I LOVE this treatment it isn’t for everyone. If you already have pretty decent brows that don’t need dramatic change then there’s really no point in investing (£25+ depending on salon), but …

  • If you want your brows shaped for the first time
  • If you feel your shape needs changing at all
  • If you want more definition
  • If you have gaps to fill
  • If you want to go darker and more dramatic
  • If you just love BOLD BROWS like I do

Then this treatment is for you!

If I’m honest, HD isn’t something you need to do every month, but I do recommend going a few times initially until your PERFECT shape is reached.  

High Maintenance woman-2

Going darker (ish)

Having been a bottle blonde for as long as I can remember, my roots have always been the bane of my life but once you go so light, for so long it’s almost impossible to consider, dare I say it – going darker.

But last Monday I did. I really nearly did. Something in me needed change, I was sick of being blonde and the bill that came with it so I went in to my appointment determined to come out a more natural me.

As you can see from the results above this didn’t quite go to plan, after talking to my hairdresser and many of you on Instagram (link) I made the decision to go darker gradually. Instead of my usual three highlights, this time I had one mid-brown lowlight added along with two highlights for a slightly more subtle blonde effect. What do you think?

It’s funny after writing this I’ve just realised that my needs for two different types of hair are quite the opposite – bold brows but a subtle shade of hair! Fickle much?

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