How to Look Great in Pictures

Aside from looking good in person, we also put on makeup to look good in pictures – be it for picture day at school, an engagement shoot or just for pictures at a fun party. Most of the time, we just do our makeup like we regularly would with a little bit of extra effort to make sure everything is blended out beautifully but did you know that there are things that you can do and ways that you can apply your makeup for pictures so it looks perfect on camera and in print? Here are some tips on how to look great in pictures using makeup.

  • Apply foundation up to your neck – this is a trick that you should be doing even with your everyday makeup but I know a lot of you forget to do it (and I do, too, sometimes) but if you’re doing your makeup for pictures, this is a step you shouldn’t miss. Applying foundation from your face to your neck will ensure you that you won’t look like you have a mask on in pictures with your face being whiter (or tanner) than your neck and body.

perfect brows picture perfect makeup

  • Use matte – matte makeup is the best makeup to use in pictures because it doesn’t have any sparkle or shimmery specks to it that will pick up and reflect light from the camera’s flash. Using matte makeup in pictures will assure you that you won’t be looking shiny or oily in pictures which is often the case, especially in flash photography.

elegant makeup for pictures perfect brows

  • Blot before you smile – even if you’ve used matte makeup, if you have oily skin, make sure you blot before you go in front of the camera and smile. Do this to get rid of excess oil that might have gone to the surface that might give you that unwanted shine.

matte skin plum lips kate middleton makeup

  • Get a little heavy handed – when you’re doing your makeup for your everyday look, one advice that I would tell you is to use the least amount of product possible along with your lightest hand so you can achieve a natural look but if you’re doing your makeup specifically for pictures, I would recommend that you get a little heavy handed and use a bit more product than you usually would so that the color shows on camera. This is especially true for blushes and eye shadows which often tend to show up the least with flash.

beautiful skin makeup gorgeous dark eyes

  • Groom your brows – this is one of the most overlooked steps but having well-groomed brows can actually make such a huge difference in your look so before you step in front of the camera, make sure you have your brows groomed, shaped and filled in.

plain and elegant strong bold brows

  • Opt for black liner and mascara – even if you’re used to using brown or eye liner and mascara (especially with natural looks), forget about those for a while and opt for black instead if you’re doing your makeup for pictures. Black is much more intense and will show up better in pictures. Black also frames your eyes more beautifully than brown does.
  • Lipstick perfection – when doing your makeup for pictures, make sure you have color on your lips so don’t forget to use lipstick. Pick a lipstick color that makes your skin glow and pick the color that looks best on you. Before you flash your killer smile, make sure that there’s no lipstick on your lips as well.

deep plum lip earth toned makeup

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