How to Look Great in Miniskirts

Sexy and convenient, miniskirts are some of the most fashionable yet tricky to pull off since it’s a bit risky. Though short skirts have manifold benefits and they’re very easy to move around in, you have to keep a handful of precautions in mind when donning them. Luckily, miniskirt hazards can be minimized. Just keep on reading for our easy tricks on how to look great in miniskirts.

Pick a flattering fit for your body shape.

A-line miniskirt with pastel coat

silk miniskirt with black tee mermaid miniskirt with lace top fringed miniskirt with striped shirt

Pencil miniskirts look more flattering for women with lean legs and hourglass shape, but if you’re pear-shaped, you may think of a mermaid-style that flares out slightly on your perfect spot as well as A-line miniskirt that balances your wide hips. You may also take advantage of ruffles and fringes to add some volume on your bottom part. Also, high-waist miniskirts can be great for you especially if you’re curvy or petite as it elongates your legs visually making you look slimmer and taller than you actually are.

Team your miniskirts with feminine yet conservative tops.

chic blouse with retro floral skirt sweater with shirt and miniskirt sailor blazer with boat print top and lace shorts preppy outfit with sandals

Wearing your miniskirts with crop tops and sexy tank tops may be excused in the summer months, but to keep everything balanced, team your miniskirts with conservative tops. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, look chic and feminine with a lace blouse teamed with a retro floral miniskirt and ankle boots. Wearing your sexy skirts with a conservative top will balance the overall look, making you look more graceful than trying to get too much attention.

Resort to tights or leggings for extra coverage.

leggings with skirt and black top tights with red miniskirt and loose top tights with miniskirt and printed sweater tights with green miniskirt and coat

No matter how sexy you see miniskirts, you have to be prepared to contend with others’ reactions to your way of dressing as some will admonish you about hemlines and others will ask you if you’re cold. Of course, one can also take extra precaution by wearing tights or leggings for extra coverage. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, stick to black tights that look elegant when paired with brightly-colored miniskirts. This way, you won’t feel too conscious while walking, sitting, and climbing up the stairs as you know you’re covered.

Wear confidence.

sexy miniskirt with feminine blouse matching crop top with miniskirt denim jacket with miniskirt button front miniskirt with bohemian top

No matter how you respond to others’ commentary on your sexy outfit, you must respond with attitude and confidence. Remember, gracefully wearing a miniskirt takes careful foresight. If you’re self-conscious about a short skirt you’re wearing, you’ll look awkward not graceful. On the other hand, if you look comfortable and confident in a miniskirt, you’ll make heads turn. One of the keys to make yourself look confident is to go for miniskirts that you feel comfortable wearing and you feel stylish. This way, your confidence will make the bold and sexy statement for you.

So, follow these handful tricks so you’ll always look sexy and confident on wearing miniskirts on whatever occasion you’re going to.

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