How to Look Chic in the Colder Months with Flavia Linden

If you live in a country only two seasons of dry and wet weather, chances are you don’t need bulky layers and snow boots just to keep you warm. Mind behind the Fashion Coolture blog, Flavia Desgranges van der Linden is a style blogger born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, but now live in Criciúma, Brazil known for her chic fashion style. Most of Brazil lies in the tropics, so it’s warm all year round. Tropical North Eastern Brazil has two seasons, but you’ll hardly notice any difference between the two. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to dress in the colder months, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Resort to sexy boots or socks teamed with heels.

over the knee boots with chambray shirt and shorts

thong sandals with socks and chic outfit over the knee boots with chic outfit

Since countries in the tropics are generally warm and humid, you don’t have to go for snow boots just to keep your feet warm. Like Flavia, you may go for a pair of over the knee boots that look chic with a pair of shorts and chambray shirt. Or, go for high socks to make your thong sandals and pumps give some edge like a pair of boots while keeping you comfortable and chic.

Resort to a cozy blazer, leather jacket, or coat.

leather jacket with tartan dress and over the knee boots tweed dress with checkered coat and boots tweed coat with chic outfit

Fur coats and puffer jackets are too hot in the tropics even in their colder months. So, think of a cozy blazer, leather jacket, or coat instead. Like Flavia, think of your favorite summer dress that can look chic in the colder months with a leather jacket and a pair of boots. Or, go sexy with a tank top and miniskirt but warm up your style with a colorful tweed coat like she did.

Go for leather trousers, denim jeans, or leggings to keep you warm.

camel jacket with leather trousers tweed jacket with flared pants animal print leggings with vest and jacket

In the tropics, you can still go outdoors wearing skirts, dresses, and shorts even in the colder months. But to keep you warm, go for a pair of leather trousers, denim jeans, or even leggings that will work. Like Flavia, think of a pair of leather trousers teamed with your favorite summer top to look chic and cozy. Or, go for a printed pair of animal print leggings worn with a vest and jacket that look edgy at the same time creative.

Opt for a chic hat and lightweight scarf.

red coat with edgy outfit and hat plaid outfit with hat and boots classic winter outfit with leather gloves

In the tropics, you don’t need earmuffs and leather gloves, but a chic hat and a lightweight scarf will do. Just go for neutral colored ones that can be versatile to wear with any of your outfit, or go for printed ones to add some creativity to your style. Like Flavia, think of a bowler hat, trilby hat, or brimmed hat that can add some flair to your typical cold weather outfits. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look chic in the colder months effortlessly.

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