How to Layer Your Jewelry

Layering your jewelry seems to be one of the hottest trends of today as it can dress up a simple outfit and make it pop, but it can actually be a little tricky to put the pieces together and create a look that makes sense. Whether you stick to a minimalist routine or over-the-top accessorizing, layering necklaces is a skill that you simply have to master.

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When layering your necklaces and bracelets, choose your metals carefully. Some people go exclusively for silver or for gold while others love to mix the two metals every time. Traditionally, it’s a great idea to pick either silver or gold as your base color and build around it with necklaces in similar tones to give some depth to the stack. Your stack should feel personal to you so don’t be afraid to mix metals and textures if you feel it. A single strand of gold necklace can really play off the shimmer in silver jewelry on your overall look.

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If you’re going to wear your jewelry, decide on a theme first so you’ll create a look that’s well-put together instead of one that looks like everything was just casually thrown in without a thought. Think of creative vibes you want to create whether it’s romantic, glam-rock, avant-garde, gothic, elegant, sophisticated, simple, or grunge. This way, you’ll wear your jewelry with rhyme or rhythm suiting the moods you wish to create. You could also create a commemorative stack on your ring finger, incorporating in a memorable ring for engagements, anniversaries, and other big moments. Creating an emotional connection with your jewelry makes it more personal and stylish.

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When wearing necklaces, mind the length and neckline of the outfit you’re going to wear with it. You’ll want your accessories to be visible and you’ll want all your pieces to look put-together for one cohesive look. Longer necklaces look great in round necks and turtle necks while choker necklaces took best in plunging necklines. If you’re aiming for a collar-like effect, add necklaces of similar lengths on top of each other. Use necklaces of different chain lengths and try to use chains of different styles to keep the look interesting. You might want to shift each one so that the pendant sits at different positions against your neck and collar bone, and don’t sweat the chains tangling.

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Though layering all things together may seem tempting, don’t forget the basic pieces to make up your look. Make it easier for the eyes to know where the focus to look at by starting with basic pieces and adding a few more elaborate ones. You may even pair the old jewelry with your new one to revamp their looks. That blend of new and subtle with a vintage statement piece creates an interesting contrast. This way, elaborate pieces will instantly attract the eye, while the simple ones add to the visual richness without overcrowding the look.

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When you feel bold and adventurous on layering your jewelry, feel free to mix textures and juxtapose. Just remember that a colorful jewel necklace takes center stage so just layer several plain strands to complement the look. Wear heavy and dainty pieces at the same time whether it gives a masculine or feminine feel. Be creative in layering your jewelry so you’ll create a unique and stylish look that’s totally personalized.




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