How to Have Amazing Outfits Everyday

Even with a limited choice of clothes, you can make the most out of your conventional pieces and arrange a stellar wardrobe. Here are some tips that can help you create amazing outfits, everyday, any damn day.

Stay Traditional – with a Twist

Traditional clothes such as A-line skirts and cropped jackets are essential ingredients to amazing outfits. But if you are tired of the usual look, you can still get the fit that you want simply by exploring the other ends of the fashion jungle. If these clothes make you look stunning, you can continue wearing them – but make sure to add some drama into your amazing outfits. Think colorful printed A-line skirts or neon yellow cropped jackets.

pink jacket and floral pencil skirt

floral dress

Layer it Up

While summer has pleasant temperatures, it doesn’t mean that you should stop layering. The key is picking pieces that create amazing outfits that won’t let you sweat in the long run. A good example is a spaghetti strap top paired with a sheer kimono.

crop top and floral kimono floral blazer and ripped jeans

Size Does Matter

Nowadays, thin is in – especially when it comes to creating amazing outfits. But if you are tired of the usual leggings or skinny pants, you can expand your horizons and wear wide-legged trousers. Reminiscent of the 70’s, these pants give you the freedom and flexibility that the usual skinny jeans can’t. To balance the wide ends of these pants, wear the wide-legged trousers with skin-fitting tops, such as a crop top or a sexy halter top.

floral wide leg pants printed wide leg pants

Another ‘roomy’ piece that can help you achieve amazing outfits is an oversized statement piece. Say it with a big bejeweled denim jacket or a furry coat. Just make sure to wear such scene-stealing pieces with simple, streamlined clothes so as not to upstage the ‘diva’ of your fashion ensemble.

oversized tops

Combine your Pastels

Some color combinations, such as black and white or brown and black are sure to create sophisticated outfits. But if you want amazing outfits that will catch the eyes (and envy) of onlookers everywhere, then make sure to assemble an ensemble made of different pastel-colored pieces. While they bear soft colors, the right mix can help you achieve an edgy style that is straight out of a lookbook.

cardigan and oxford shirt layeredpastel blue outfit

Say it with a Scarf

Creating amazing outfits need not be complicated. Sometimes, a simple accessory, such as a fashionable scarf, can transcend your look from fab to drab. Wear it around your neck or around your handbag handles – it doesn’t matter. With the right scarf, you can look like the diva you were born to be.

leopard scarf purse with scarf

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