How to Get Your Closet Ready This Winter

Though we would all prefer not to hassle ourselves and clean our closets every season, you must accept the fact that you need different clothes to get you through the calendar months. Whether you wish to purge your closet or shop to fill your closets with your new winter clothes, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to get your closet ready this winter.

Start by purging your closet.

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Apart from packing away your summer clothes, you can make your closet ready this winter by purging your closet. The trick to make purging your closet easier is to keep a small shopping bag in each one of your closets that will either go to charity or consignment. This way, purging your closet constantly won’t feel like a chore. Every time you take something out and realize it hasn’t been worn in several years, or it still has the price tag on, then chances are, you’ll never wear it. So, put it in the bag until it’s full and take it to your local charity or consignment shop. This way, you’ll get rid of some clutter while making your old clothes be appreciated by someone else, or earn some money to buy clothes that you’re going to wear.

Organize your clothes according to style, type, or function.

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Keep your clothes hanged or on shelves with like items placed together. Generally, pants, skirts, tops can be hanged and folded depending on the fabric and style while suits and dresses can be separated with a good hanger. If your weekend outfit is far more different than your everyday one, sort your clothes by function. If your closet is full of colors, you could even have fun and sort your closet by color. However, if you’re a minimalist who wishes to keep everything in order, think of arranging them by length or even style of clothes.

Make your closet look more professional and classier by treat yourself to good hangers.

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The textured hangers are made so that clothes don’t fall off and end up on the floor. Also, expensive winter coats deserve a great hanger that will keep them in shape. If your hangers happened to all match, then get rid of the wire and big fat plastic hangers that look cheap. Like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu, you may keep your coats visible in your closet since you can wear them to work, as well as on your casual weekends with jeans.

Build a shoe cabinet.

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Get your shoes off the floor by building a shoe cabinet. Think of using shelves, cubbies or a combination of both to make your winter closet more organized. If all of your shoes are in one nice place where you can easily find them, you’ll make your morning dressing much easier. By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to make your closet ready this winter and make your winter outfits stylish and functional for the cold days ahead.

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