How to Get the Perfect Matte Lip

Matte lips are so hot and in right now, there are literally a million and one options when it comes to lipsticks, lip creams, tints and colors to give you that gorgeous matte lip you’ve been aiming for. If you’re a fan of the mattes, check out these tips on how you can get the perfect-looking matte lip.

  1. Exfoliate your lips – matte lip colors look best on soft, smooth lips so make sure to exfoliate yours before you put anything on. You don’t need a fancy lip scrub or anything to get it done if you don’t have any. Just take sugar and mix it with some coconut oil then rub it on your lips for soft, smooth, kissable lips.korean matte lip dark berry matte lips
  2. Moisturize – another important step to make before putting on any matte lip color is to moisturize your lips. Put on a bit of your favorite lip balm and, while waiting for it to work its magic on your lips, you can go ahead and get started with your makeup. Be sure to take it off before you put on your matte lip color to achieve best results.lily collins matte pink lip
  3. Use lip primer around the lips – instead of using a lip liner to line your lips, go for a lip primer instead. Matte lip colors don’t usually bleed but when they do, they don’t come off easily so making sure they don’t get the chance to bleed by wearing a lip primer is important.matte nude on blonde
  4. Fill in your lips with a matching lip liner color – after lining your lips with lip primer, go ahead and fill them in with a lip pencil in the same shade as your matte lip color. If you don’t have a matching lip liner, a nude one will do. This step ensures a more vibrant color on your lips.ombre matte gigi hadid matte red lips
  5. Use a lip brush to apply – if your lip color of choice does not come with a brush or an applicator, use a lip brush to apply it on to your lips. A lip brush will give you more control over application and will help you achieve more precise lines for a very well-detailed matte lip.perfect nude matte
  6. Clean up around the edges – even pros make mistakes sometimes. If you happen to see some lipstick outside of your lips, use foundation or concealer to get rid of it. Again, you can use a lip brush to be more precise with the application.retro red matte
  7. Highlight your cupid’s bow – the last step that you need to do if you want to make absolutely sure that you have the perfect matte lip is to highlight your cupids bow. This step makes your lips look fuller, perfect for combating the thinning effect that matte lipsticks usually have.rihanna matte lip color brownish nude matte lip


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