How to Get the Opulent Look

With the New Year right around the corner, you might be thinking of styles to try on the first day of the year. A trend you should consider is the ‘opulent’ look, which is described as luxurious and extravagant. Create an opulent look that mirrors the fireworks in the air with these style pieces:

Baroque Fashion

Baroque is a period of artistic style, defined by exaggerated motion. Embody this amplification – a key characteristic of the opulent trend – by choosing Baroque-influenced fashion. Highlights of this period fashion include broad lace collars, soft and broad sleeves, breeches and tall hats.

black baroque shorts

baroque top baroque style dress


Silver and gold are costly, precious metals. At the same time, they represent hues that represent the style characteristics of opulence. Create a luxurious look by taking metallic-colored pieces to the streets.

silver pencil skirt gold cardigan


Fur – whether real or faux – can help you create a look that’s fashionably ornate. Do take caution in wearing fur though, as too much of a good thing is vile. In this case, you might end up looking like a skinned animal if you go overboard with furry items.

fur coat luxe fur coat fur scarf

Shimmery Styles

Nothing screams opulence more than sequins, rhinestones and sparkly embellishments. The sparkle of these trappings can create an opulent look that’s worthy of a Vogue editorial shoot.

bronze shimmery dress sequined top shimmery skirt

Embellished Accessories

Opulence is all about being lavish. Look as if you are headed for a royal with glitzy, embellished accessories. I’m talking about gold, sequins, sparkles and everything else in between. Put them around your ears, neck, and wrist.

opulent accessories

Consider a bejeweled clutch as well. These accessories can help you achieve a high-fashion look – even if you are dressed in the simplest of outfits.

gold clutch

Sparkly Make-up

An opulent look is largely defined by extravagant fashion. But this style is deemed incomplete if you do not have sparkly make-up on. For a classy look, choose brilliant shades that can make you shine like a star. Top the look with rhinestones if you can!

opulent makeup sparkly eyes

Looking high-fashion need not necessarily burn a hole in your wallet. After all, you can look elegant and royal with the opulent fashion trend.

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