How to Get the Fashionable Nerd Look

Before, nerdy looks were looked down upon. But now, they have become the hottest styles – especially for teens and young adults. If you want to break away from the usual style norm, then here are some pieces that can help you achieve the fashionable nerd look.

Optical Glasses

A fashionable nerd look is really incomplete without a pair of optical glasses. While this works best with vision problems, those with 20/20 vision can pull off glasses as well. While mid-sized black-rimmed glasses are the gold standard, you can deviate and look more stylish with a pair of tortoise-shell glasses.

black-rimmed glasses

floral glasses

Tie-Neck Blouse

While most fashionable nerd look basics are pretty simple, there is one thing that can unleash the girly-girl in you: the tie-neck blouse. Truly sophisticated, it can add a dash of feminine style to your casual get-up. Because of its classic look, you can wear this top basically with anything. After all, the fashionable nerd look has a no-holds barred style concept.

tie-neck blouse tie neck blouse

Pleated Skirt

The fashionable nerd look is oftentimes about your days in school. Of course, the best way for you to evoke those bygone emotions is to wear a pleated skirt. While a plaid pleated skirt might be your first choice, you can always go with unique, unconventional options. A good example is a pleated leather skill, which can add some spunk into your fashionable nerd look.

yellow pleated skirt brown pleated skirt

Leather Satchel

The fashionable nerd look goes beyond clothes. It transcends through your accessories as well. So if you want to look like a stylish school girl, then bring your things in a leather satchel. What’s great about this structured purse is it looks so good – all the while being able to carry all of your unnecessary clutter.

brown leather satchel big leather satchel

Knee-High Socks

When it comes to school fashion, knee-high socks prove to be the epitome of a fashionable nerd look. Although they were made to keep the legs warm, they know have become embellishments for a geek chic outfit. While they look good with all types of shoes, you can wear them with penny loafers – another fashionable nerd essential that you’ll read more about below.

black knee-high socks blue socks

Penny Loafers

With menswear trends on the rise, penny loafers have become one of the most sought-after shoes of the past few seasons. Because of its’ versatile style, it has become an integral part of the fashionable nerd look as well. Get the geeky look – without losing your sense of fashion – in metallic or high-shine penny loafers.

brown penny loafers black penny loafers

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