How to Get that Fresh Asian Make Up Look

If you’ve ever noticed, there is a significant difference with the way Asians do their makeup compared to Westerners. Although lots of Asians also take inspiration from American makeup looks, there’s this signature look that one can easily associate with Asians, especially the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. American makeup is a little heavier, more glam and it makes you look youthful yet mature too. Asian makeup on the other hand is lighter, simpler and aims to make you look younger. Being Asian myself, I go back and forth between Asian and American makeup looks though I find myself creating more of the Asian one on a day to day basis just because it’s easier, quicker and lighter. If you want to know how to get that fresh Asian makeup look, read on below.

  • Base – Asians don’t usually go for a full coverage base for daily looks so heavy foundations are usually reserved for more glamorous looks for special events and occasions. Lighter products like BB creams, CC creams or tinted moisturizers are more preferred. Mattifying the look isn’t a top priority as well as Asian makeup leans more towards the youthful, dewy look. This gives the Asian makeup look that nice, fresh aura.

dewy makeup look

rosy pink lips

  • Eyebrows – if you take a look at how Asian makeup is done, you’ll notice that brows are not usually very well defined and dramatically arched. They’re often straight and very natural looking. They’re not thin but not too thick nor bushy as well. Asians usually have sparse and light brows so filling them in is essential.

angela baby asian makeup porcelain skin asian makeup

  • Eye makeup – Asian makeup doesn’t usually make use of a lot of bright and bold colors, especially for the eyes. Asian makeup has a very natural look to it so neutral colors are often used instead of bright ones. Soft pastel hues may sometimes be used but rarely for everyday looks. Eyeliner styles vary, depending on what one would prefer but usually it’s just one thick line following the natural shape of the eye. Cat eye is pretty popular, too. Some like to wear contact lenses to make their eyes look bigger so they can get the doll-eyed look as well.

doll eye makeup simple going out makeup asian eye makeup look

  • Lashes – although Asians usually have shorter lashes Asian makeup calls for falsies only when it needs to look glam. Otherwise, a coat or two of mascara after curling the lashes is enough so as to keep it looking natural and fresh.

natural asian makeup look flawless asian makeup cute and naturcute and natural makeup lookal makeup look

  • Face / cheeks – Asian makeup aims for a very light and natural look so a light dusting of blush is usually all that you’ll see. Contouring is not practiced religiously and applying bronzer to “warm up the face” isn’t very popular either. Highlighting is seldom practiced as well since the dewy look is enough to give you that glow.

3rd Annual Olevolos Project Brunch light pinkish glow youthful natural look asian makeup

  • Lips – the lips is usually where Asian makeup goes bold. Though the everyday makeup look would normally call for light pink lips to get the natural look, bold lip colors like red, orange and hot pink are more than welcome as well.

bold orangey red lip cute and natural makeup look red lips

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