How to Get Photographed Like a Street-Style Star

Considering the fact that we love street style every Fashion Week, it only makes sense that we’ve long wondered what it is about an individual that appeals to street style photographers. Whether it’s the street style icon, the style, the outfit, or the walk, keep on scrolling for street style photographers’ opinion that would help you to get photographed like a street style star on upcoming Fashion Week.

Wear confidence on your street looks.

key print dress with jeweled crown headband

trendy poncho with knee boots structured coat with edgy boots slit skirt with coat and boots

Indeed, there’s nothing more unpleasant than seeing a woman wearing an outfit she’s not comfortable in or high-heels she couldn’t walk in. According to George of Shot by Gio, it’s not about the outfit, but mostly about the person wearing the outfit, especially one’s attitude in wearing her clothes. “I enjoy taking photos of people who I think are well dressed and have great style or character. Confidence and a good attitude help a lot as it translates to a good image,” Daniel of The Urban Spotter said. Also, photographer Adam of Le 21ème said that it’s not about the item or even the outfit, but more of the aura of the person. “The look is often quite simple, but the lighting is great or the wind picks up and blows open the coat. It’s a combination of many stimuli that all come together and spark some brain cell, and then I press the shutter,” he added.

Get a unique and personalized style.

boyfriend jacket with red dress wool coat with checkered sweater and slouchy pants printed outfit with lug sole shoes printed blouse and snake print coat with checkered skirt

Standing out from the crowd is one of the keys to get photographed at Fashion Weeks. “Fashion week is so crazy and I feel like I try to pick out isolated moments that other photographers miss. For me, one of the biggest challenges is getting unique shots. I generally go for something that catches my eye,” Mark of Iantosca said. Whether you’re a fan of monochromatic or colorful dressing, keep everything cohesive. According to photographer Melodie Jeng, she looks at the silhouette of an outfit and the different textures one is wearing. “It is not necessarily about the trends, colors, or being flashy but ultimately being timeless, unique, and chic,” she added.

Mix attention-grabbing pieces with muted ones.

brightly colored jacket with black outfit rainbow striped dress with coat furry coat with button down shirt and leather leggings brightly printed top with high waist pants

When wearing a statement piece, always keep everything simple so you’ll create a cohesive look. Think of mixing high with low, modern with vintage, designer with high street and such. “Always mix an attention-grabbing piece or two with more subtle pieces. Done right, the photographers will think that they’ve ‘discovered’ you and your subtle yet eye-catching style,” Eddie of Mr. Newton said.

Wear the runway-inspired look on the streets.

studded leather skirt with crop top oversized sweater dress with flared pants geometric print sweater with denim jacket embellished top with flowy skirt

Though runway looks are often non-wearable on the streets, try to make some details work for you. “I’m shooting to inspire my readers. Street style forms a bridge between the runway looks and what’s available in the stores. I want to show real-life applications of future and current trends, exciting combinations, colors, and fabrics and bring daily inspiration for the fashion enthusiast,” Acielle of Style du Monde said. By taking these tricks, you’ll be able to get photographed like a street style star on upcoming Fashion Week.

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