How to Get Olivia Palermo’s Effortless Beauty

Aside from being a style icon, it’s undeniable that Olivia Palermo is one of the biggest beauty icons for a lot of women today as well. Her classic signature look goes really well with her chic outfits and we love how she always looks so well put together and so elegant. I’ve been a fan of Olivia Palermo since her MTV The City days and I’ve seen her go from one look to another and I think it’s safe to say that Olivia’s current look so far is the best out of all those that she has tried. If you’re a fan of Olivia Palermo’s fashion style, I’m sure you’ll love her beauty looks as well. Check out these tips on how to get Olivia Palermo’s effortless beauty look so you can recreate it and look just as pretty and elegant as her.

  • Fresh and dewy skin – one of the things that make Olivia Palermo’s beauty something worth drooling over is her fresh and dewy skin. It just looks so perfect all the time and I love how she has perfected doing this look so that it’s not too shiny. To get the look, it’s important that you master the art of highlighting.

beautiful glowing skin

olivia palermo pretty face

  • Simple makeup – Olivia Palermo’s look is simple and understated. You would rarely see her sporting something bold like a fierce red lip or heavy dramatic eye makeup because her signature makeup look is more neutral and natural – looking and I think this plays a huge part in giving her that effortlessly elegant look. Earth – toned eye shadow colors, soft blush and nude lips are often what consists of Olivia’s makeup.

brushed up brows original signature look

  • Beautiful eyes – the shape of Olivia’s eyes alone is enough to make you want to look like her but I love how she plays with it and creates a bit of drama on them by wearing a light and semi-shimmery smoky eye along with some well-defined long and luscious lashes. Her whole signature makeup look may be simple but she sure knows how to make it pop with big, bright eyes.

divine beautiful eyes sexy and sultry makeup

  • Well-groomed and brushed up brows – I just love how Olivia Palermo sticks to her own personal style (and look) and doesn’t try too hard to keep up with the newest trends. When she does, though, she makes it a point to give the trend a twist to suit her style more. Case in point: her eyebrows. Though bold brows are all the rage these days, Olivia keeps hers thin and shapely instead of letting them grow thick and bushy. She gives the bold brows a fresh new take by brushing her brows upward for arches that stand out.

glamorous look simple and elegant

  • Perfectly flushed cheeks – another thing that makes a lot of women jealous about Olivia’s look is her cheeks. They always seem perfectly and naturally flushed. You can get yours to look the same by using cream or gel blushed instead of powder ones. They last longer and have a nicer sheen and a more natural look.

innocent beauty look gorgeous makeup look

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