How to Get Madonna’s Timeless Look 

Queen of Pop – this is just one of the many titles that Madonna has. Catapulted to fame in the early 80’s, she remains to be one of the most iconic celebrities/fashion icons up until now. Get her timeless style (and make it even better) with these Madonna fashion trends.

Crop Top

Crop tops are very famous now – but Madonna knew they were going to be big decades before. Given her polished abs, it comes as no surprise why she loved these Madonna fashion trends. Like her, you can use a crop top to gain a rock chic look. On the other hand, you can wear it with structured bottoms for a sleek, polished look.

madonna crop top

statement top outfit

Statement Tops

Madonna likes making statements, ergo, her fondness for statement tops. Of all the Madonna fashion trends, this remains to be the most wearable – as you can pair a statement shirt with your favorite jeans, or hook it up with a shapely bodycon skirt. Whatever your fashion philosophy might be, all you need to do is be confident – just like Madonna!

madonna slogan shirt

slogan shirt


Wayfarers dictated the Madonna fashion trends of the early ages. Wherever she went, she made sure that she had her trademark Ray-Ban wayfarers on. And throughout the years, it became one of her foremost signature statements. Because of its versatility, you can wear this Madonna style piece to most occasions. Be careful to not wear them during the night though, unless you want to get ridiculed in the streets.

madonna wayfarers madonna raybans

Leather Riding Cap

Madonna fashion trends set the streets ablaze in the 80’s and 90’s. One that bore the singer’s distinct style is leather riding cap, which she wore on countless occasions. Although it is typical of her punk rock look, you can use this cap to add edge to your soft or girly attires.

madonna leather cap madonna riding leather cap

Rosary Necklaces

Some might call them blasphemous, but rosary necklaces became huge Madonna fashion trends. Raised a Catholic, the Queen of Pop transcended her religiosity through her rigorous use of rosary necklaces. While it demonstrated her sincere faith, her necklaces were style statements – as they were often layered with chains, pearls, and Star of David necklaces (ironically.) Like her, you can create a fashionable look by layering your rosary necklace with other accessories.

madonna rosary necklace outfit rosary necklace outfit

Rubber Bracelets

Madonna is known for her changing styles – although she first embraced the ‘punk rock’ vibe. This signature style, of course, was made possible by her penchant for rubber bracelets. Simple yet commanding, these Madonna fashion trends can help you claim a spunky, edgy look.

madonna rubber bracelets madonna rubber bracelet

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