How to Get Longer Legs

It is every woman’s dream to get longer legs and show them off with cute little dresses and sexy shorts but unfortunately, not everyone is blesses with legs like those of Gisele Bundchen or Karlie Kloss. Lucky for us who don’t have supermodel status legs, though, there are a few things to get longer legs (or at least make them look like it). Check out these tips on how to get longer legs.

  • WEAR HEELS – this is by far the easiest and most fool-proof way to get longer legs. Although you’re not literally stretching those gams and extending them to be a few more inches taller, you can look the part when you wear heels. The great thing about heels is that aside from making your legs look longer, they add a chic and sophisticated vibe to your look, too.

high heeled pumps in cobalt blue

high heels for long legs high heels

  • GO FOR NUDE HEELS – any time you’re planning on wearing something short like a skirt, dress or shorts and you want your legs to look longer, opt for a pair of nude heels to complete your outfit. Make sure the nude shade of your shoes comes close to your skin tone so you can create a continuous line that will give you the illusion of longer leg.

nude heels nude heels outfit nude heels and white jeans

  • USE FASHION TO YOUR ADVANTAGE – there are lots of ways to get longer looking legs just by being careful with what you choose to wear. Depending on your body type, some dress styles may make you look an inch or two taller while others will have you looking a little shorter so you have to make sure you avoid those. One styling trick that seems to work with just about any body type, though, is the monochromatic look. This styling trick can also help make you look a few pounds lighter.

outfit for longer legs outfit idea for longer legs

  • TRY YOGA – yoga is one of the most relaxing ways to burn some calories but there’s more to it than just that. There are a few particular ‘asanas’ or stances in yoga that can help improve posture and lengthen legs. Check out this article and this post on what moves can help you elongate your legs. Of course, you won’t see drastic change overnight. You’ll have to be consistent with incorporating these in your daily routine.

yoga asana for long legs yoga for long legs yoga

  • GIVE INSERTS A TRY – want a sneaky way to get longer legs? How about giving inserts a try? These are very discreet ‘invisible’ heels that you can slip into your shoes and they can boost your height and give you an extra 1.5”. These inserts don’t work well with all kinds of shoes, though, and they’re best worn with sneakers. By elevating your heels, you’re getting the illusion of longer legs.

invisible heels for longer legs invisible heels on sneakers invisible heels

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