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How to Get Lips Like Lana Del Rey!

How to Get Lips Like Lana Del Rey!


Lana Del Rey’s pout, real or fake, is perfect; it’s big but not overpowering, plump but not too pillow-like and so even in shape, total dream lips.

I suspect that since she’s been on the scene, plastic surgeons have been inundated with requests for ‘Lana Lips’; I know that if I was under the knife I’d want hers, sorry Angelina.

Anyway, enough of the surgery talk I won’t be resorting to fillers just yet, however, I will doing the next best thing by copying her lipstick instead!
How to get lips like Lana Del Rey!1
She announced yesterday at #lfw (London Fashion Week) that her current lip love was YSL’s RougePur Couture lipstick in #24, Blond Ingenu.

Hurrah! A lipstick I own. Bet you can’t guess what I did next can you?

Applied it, of course!
How to get lips like Lana Del Rey!2
I’ve had this lipstick in my collection a while but TBH it’s sat unloved amongst it’s other golden cased friends for most of the time I’ve owned it, overlooked and undervalued.

This pretty, neutral pink with a hint of peach is just like its name suggests, a very innocent looking lipstick and a great inoffensive pink/nude.

Rouge Pur Couture’s are my favourite YSL lipstick range; they are soft but not as meltingly supple as the Volupte’s, have great pigmentation, a glossy finish and best of all possess better lasting power.

Blond Ingenu is now firmly in my make-up bag, it’s as close to getting Lana Lips as I reckon I’m ever going to get, for now!