How to Get Kate Middleton’s Style

Kate Middleton has got to be the most stylish Royal yet and we love how she looks regal without looking like she’s trying too hard. If you’ve watched the documentary about her on TV, you’ll see that the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t always this chic and sophisticated. In fact, you could say that she was rather rowdy back in the day but I love how refined she has become. Women around the world adore Kate Middleton’s style. It’s very simple yet super classy and feminine. If you’re a girly girl or you just like looking prim and proper all the time, I’m pretty sure you’ll love the way Kate Middleton dresses up. Check out these tips on how to get Kate Middleton’s style.

  • Avoid sexy clothes – Kate Middleton has one gorgeous body and everyone can see how fit she actually is but do you know what makes her even sexier? It’s the fact that she doesn’t let so much skin show. Less is more is not exactly Kate Middleton’s style so if you’re planning on copying the Duchess’s style, try to stay away from clothes that are too revealing and those that show off too much skin. Plunging, deep necklines are a no-no too and so are super tight clothes.

posh business look

simple black and white

  • Girl up – if you’re wondering why Kate Middleton’s style appeals to so many women all around the world, the answer is this: it’s because her style is so girly and feminine and everyone wants to look as soft and delicate as her at least every now and then. To achieve the same look, go for clothes that have a girly and dainty feel to them. Choose items that have a feminine silhouette instead of those that are too structured or boxy.

dainty feminine silhouette blue outfit

  • Try a polished casual look – just because you’re trying to get the Duchess of Cambridge’s style doesn’t mean you have to look like a Royal all the time as well by being garbed up in fancy dresses or anything. Sure, Kate’s style is impeccable and always so posh but she does wear jeans and sneakers every now and then, too, you know. And when she does, there’s something about her that makes an ordinary casual outfit look so… polished. Maybe it’s the simple addition of a blazer or the perfect choice of well-fitting clothes together but whatever it is, it screams casual yet polished and we love it!

everyday casual outfit casual ordinary outfit

  • Go easy on accessories – stacking up on accessories and layering up your jewelry may seem to be all the rage today but don’t do it if you’re going for the Kate Middleton look. One of the things you’ll notice about the Duchess’s look is that she wears minimal accessories and she barely has more than one of each kind which means she doesn’t really stack up or layer them.

white and blue dress simple but sexy

  • Stick to a cohesive color palette – most of the time, you’ll see Kate Middleton wearing just one or two colors for her whole look and the simplicity of it is what adds to the elegance of her look. Though there are times when she does wear more than two colors, she makes sure to make the color palette as cohesive as possible by not mixing and matching colors that don’t make sense.

gorgeous brown dress fab embellished dress


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