How to Get Jetsetter Style

Traveling gives us a fashion opportunity to get an impossibly balanced look of comfort and chic. Women with jetsetter styles never look overdone but know how to arrive anywhere in the world in impeccable and timeless style. Modern jet-setter style is practical, comfortable, and fashion-forward. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on getting that jetsetter style.

Invest in your basics.

jetsetter outfit with shawl

striped top with leather trousers and cardigan winter coat with sporty cool outfit

Modern jet-setter style is all about looking smart while maintaining comfort and style. So, avoid looking overdone with sparkly and eye catching pieces. Jeans are always fashionable and easy to clean if you have an in-flight mishap. Like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick, think of a pair of skinny jeans that will look polished with a travel jacket and shawl. Also, a scarf or knitted shawl is a travel must for the plane and beyond. A scarf adds a fresh dimension to any look while giving you an extra layer of cozy warmth. The jet-setter shoe rule is ankle-high boots for fall and winter and wedges for summer. These are the most comfortable options, and both are easy to slip off when you’re traveling long distances.

Polish your jetsetter outfit with a chic coat or jacket.

gray jeans with trench coat trench coat with skinny jeans and fringe with tassel sandalsskinny white jeans with gray trench coat

A chic coat, light cardigan, blazer, or trench coat makes your jetsetter outfit polished and sleek. They exude confidence and the air of “she has somewhere to go.” Just find one that is comfortable and form-fitting. You may invest in a neutral colored coat that will go well with any of your outfits, though you can go for bold colored ones to add some trendy vibe to your style. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may opt for a military green shade that will add some utilitarian chic vibe to your style.

When it comes to travel bags, go big.

camel coat with skinny scarf and tote bag tote bag with cape and button down shirt sweater with jeans and oversized tote bag

Don’t try to fool yourself into thinking you can fit everything into one huge and obsequious carry-on and squeezing all your necessities into a standard purse. Make travel look effortless with a medium-sized carry-on and a big, luxurious tote bag. If you stay in a hotel, just bring a roomy tote bag that can accommodate all your essentials while you’re out. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, a leather tote bag can look great with your travel outfit and cape. However, zipped totes and shoulder bags are great choices to keep you safe from pickpockets.

Be on time and make travel look effortless and stylish.

layered outfit with structured coat grunge outfit with edgy shoes all black outfit with boots

The key to jet-setter style is to make travel look effortless and stylish. No matter how fashionable you look, your style vanishes the moment you do something frantically or in haste. That’s why the cardinal rule to jet-setter style is to be on time. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish and effortless on your trip.

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