How to Get Fuller Looking Lips

Don’t you just sometimes wish you had Angelina Jolie’s lips? I know a lot of women who would kill to have those sexy puckers. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with fuller looking lips like Angelina Jolie and that’s where lip plumpers come in. Lip plumpers are products that you apply on your lips to get them to look bigger and fuller but the results you get are temporary. If you’re looking for something more permanent, though, you can turn to cosmetic surgery instead. It can be a bit pricey but the results are longer lasting and some even offer permanent results. If you’re on a budget but still want your lips to like that of Angelina Jolie’s, check out these tips on how to get fuller looking lips.

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  • Exfoliate – exfoliating is not just for the skin, you can do it on your lips as well. When you exfoliate your lips, you get rid of the dead skin cells on it and as a result, you get smoother and softer lips but aside from that, you’re actually plumping your lips as well. The rubbing action against your lips slightly irritates it and that’s what makes it swell, giving it that fuller look.

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  • Create an illusion – if you don’t to irritate your lips but would still like to make them look bigger and fuller, you can always turn to makeup to create the illusion of fuller looking lips instead. To make your lips look fuller, start off by lining your lips. If they’re thin, you can draw your outline a bit farther than your natural lips. Fill in the outline and put on a lipstick color that matches the lip liner you used then finish the look with lip gloss and, voila, fuller looking lips!

light lip color

  • Pack a pout – need a natural way to plump up your lips? Why not do a subtle pout? Pouting your lips makes them look fuller so if you want to look fierce when posing for a picture, just do a subtle and sexy pout to make your puckers look lush.

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  • Go for lighter lip colors – while dark colors are tempting to wear every day, try to avoid them on days when you want your lips to look fuller. Darker lip colors may look sultry and sexy but they make the lips look thinner so opt for lighter colors instead like a light pink or a nude. Bright colors can help make your lips look plump, too, so reach for these kinds of lip colors instead.

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  • Gloss up – another really easy way to make your lips look fuller without irritating them is to simply put high-shine lip gloss on top of your lipstick. Concentrate on the middle part of your lips if you really want to make them look plump.

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  • Take the natural route – lastly, if you don’t want to use any kind of chemical to plump up your lips, you can turn to natural ingredients instead. Some of the most popular lip plumping ingredients, chili and cinnamon, are super inexpensive and are easily available so you can use those instead of the cosmetic formula instead.

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