How to Get Edgy Summer Looks with Micah Gianneli

Leather ensembles may seem impractical for summer, so looking edgy on your street style may be at stake. However, you could always turn your outfit into edgy yet modern looks without wearing leather, studs, and grunge details. Let’s have an inspiration from a Melbourne fashion blogger Micah Gianneli that is known for her sexy, edgy, and glamorous fashion style featuring high-fashion to casual street looks that can inspire our edgy summer style.

  1. Add some edgy twists to your summer whites.

crop top with white lace skirt matching set

white-lace-dress white-crop-top-with-high-waist-slit-skirt-and-box-clutch white blazer and tank top with wide leg pants white vest with sheer mesh skirt

If you think summer whites look too demure, conservative, and plain, add some edgy twist to them! Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of a sexy crop top and skirt matching set, or a structured vest worn with a mesh skirt that will make your style sexy, modern, and edgy at the same time. When wearing a sheer or lace dress, think of going sexy on your underneath layers to show more skin, perfect for the summer season.

  1. Trade your dark-colored ensembles with lighter ones.

pastel-blue-fur-coat-with-white-tank-top-and-cut-off-denim-shorts pastel-pink-flowy-skirt-with-coat -light-wash-denim-jeans-with-white-crop-top

Ditch your black skinny jeans and navy blue boyfriend jeans to add some breezy feel to your summer looks. Like her, you may think of going for a pair of light washed boyfriend jeans to wear with your crop top, or a pair of white cut-off shorts that can be the perfect match with your tank tops. Save your little black dress for formal occasions and colder nights and opt for a pastel dress with lightweight, elegant, and a breezy feel.

  1. Wear prints and patterns in an edgy way.

printed crop top with white skirt printed-crop-top-with-chic-blazer-and-striped-athletic-pants striped architectural skirt with black tee

If you think floral prints and colorful patterns can hardly look edgy, you’re wrong. Like Micah, you may go for a colorful crop top worn with a blazer and a pair of striped athletic pants that will do the tricks for you. The architectural style of skirts, cut-out details on your top and sexy styles of necklines and hemlines will add some edgy vibe to your summer outfit no matter what kind of prints you’re wearing.

  1. Be unexpectedly sexy and edgy on your street style.

bralette with chic blazer and white pants sexy-sheer-crop-top-with-high-waist-pencil-skirt sexy corset dress with classic pumps -leather-crop-top-with-gray-tee-and-shorts -black-mesh-dress-with-translucent-boots

Crop tops are not only the sexy and edgy ensembles you may go for. Like Micah, you may think of a sheer top or even a nude top with embroidery to creatively add some sexiness to your looks while keeping you chic and breezy. Bralettes and bandeaus can look great with blazers, especially structured or tuxedo ones while mesh outfits worn with sexy lingerie underneath look edgy and unexpected.

  1. Add some modern, sexy, and edgy vibe to your traditional beach looks.

bandeau top with printed palazzo pants neon pink swimwear metallic silver swimwear leather-swimwear-with-fringe-bag leather-bandeau-top-with-wide-leg-pants

Looking for inspiration on how to look edgy on your beach looks? Like Micah, think of a leather-like swimwear, metallic silver, or even neon pink swimwear. You may think of skipping those too feminine details with ruffles and floral details and stick to plain or at least two tones on bright shades. This way, you’ll keep your beach looks sexy, edgy, and modern at the same time.

  1. Incorporate classy yet edgy accessories to your outfit.

peep toe boots with white tank top winged-sandals-with-edgy-black-dress statement ring and earcuffs with sporty chic outfit

Earcuffs, cocktails rings, winged sandals, and peep-toe boots are some of Micah’s favorites that you may think of wearing to add some edge to your summer looks. Remember, the key is to keep everything sleek and classy so you’ll maintain your glamorous looks like Micah always does.

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