How to Get Away with Wearing Shorts to Work

They say the workplace is no place to wear shorts but I don’t think that’s entirely true. Sure, you wouldn’t want to wear your denim cut-offs to the office nor your ripped Bermuda shorts but I believe there is a workaround to this rule and that you can wear shorts to the office as long as you pair it up with the right pieces and as long as you have the right kind, you can pull it off and make it work. Here are some tips on how to get away with wearing shorts to work.

  • SAY NO TO SHORT SHORTS – short shorts that showcase your legs are great for casual and street style looks but for the office? Let’s just say you’d be better off with something longer and something that offers more coverage. When choosing a pair of shorts you can wear to the office, pick one that’s at least an inch above the knee or one that ends just right by the knee. You can also try going for Bermuda length shorts.

long black shorts

cute bermuda shorts for the office

  • PICK A NEUTRAL COLOR – bright and vibrant colors are perfect for summer but if you’re thinking of wearing shorts to the office, you’ll want to hold out wearing these striking hues and go for neutrals instead. Neutral colored shorts are easier to get away with because they can blend seamlessly with the rest of your outfit. They also don’t attract too much attention which is perfect if you’re sneaking them in.

tailored shorts outfit white shorts and blazer

  • SEEK SPECIAL DETAILING – shorts with special detailing like pleats in front or clean lines, solid structure or even just a high waisted silhouette will look so much dressier compared to regular shorts and that’s what you want if you’re planning on wearing shorts to work. The dressier your shorts are, the better so don’t shy away from those gorgeous details.

dressy shorts in maroon black drawstring shorts

  • PAIR IT UP WITH DRESSY TOPS – a great way to get away with wearing shorts to the office is to pair it up with dressy tops and, possibly, a blazer. Doing this will give your outfit a more posh and sophisticated overall look.

black and white outfit high waisted office shorts

  • OPT FOR LUXE FABRICS – another way to make shorts more suited for a work ensemble is by opting for luxe fabrics like leather, cotton or corduroy. Unless you’re dressing up for a work theme day that calls for it, never wear denim shorts to the office because it’s too casual for a professional working environment.

leather belted shorts tweed shorts


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