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How to Get (and Keep) Platinum Blonde Hair Like Kim Kardashian’s

Changing up your hair color can really make a difference in your look, and a huge one at that! Take Kim Kardashian’s out-of-nowhere shift from dark to platinum blonde. The hair color that shocked a lot of people when Kim debuted it is a high-maintenance color, to be honest, and any good hairstylist will tell you that. If you have the money and the time to maintain it, though, why not go for it? Here are some tips on how to get and keep platinum blonde hair like Kim Kardashian’s.

kim kardashian

  • LEAVE IT TO THE PROS – if this is your first time going platinum blonde, DO NOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN. Platinum blonde is one of the few colors that are very hard to perfect so make sure you have yours done by someone who actually knows how to do it. The process requires using chemicals like hair bleach so you shouldn’t be experimenting with it by yourself by any means. Go to a salon instead and let the pro handle it.

winter white hair braided blonde locks

  • TAKE KIM’S PICTURE WITH YOU – no, seriously. If you really want to get the same exact color as Kim Kardashian’s hair, it’s best to show your hair colorist. This way, they will know how light and pale you want your hair to exactly be and they will be able to make and mix the right formula for you.

platinum blonde short wavy bob

  • USE PURPLE SHAMPOO – purple shampoo or purple toning shampoo is the best shampoo to use if you have any shade of blonde hair, especially platinum blonde. Blonde hair can get brassy sometimes and purple shampoo will help fight that brassiness to keep your color nice and light. For a shade as light as Kim’s, it’s best to use a pastel colored toning shampoo.

perfect blonde shade platinum blonde wavy hair

  • CONDITION REGULARLY – and by regularly, I mean every single day. Bleach is drying on the hair so you have to be really good with keeping up with your conditioning game because your hair can quickly end up looking like a broom if you slack on conditioning your hair.

lightest blonde long platinum blonde hair

  • PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROOTS – now, here’s the rather expensive part of going platinum blonde: the maintenance. If you naturally have dark hair, this can be a little more challenging to deal with but if you already have blonde hair in another shade it should be a little easier for you. You can touch up your roots at home by getting a ‘developer’ and applying it (with instructions from a pro, of course) or have it done by a professional yet again.

flawless roots glossy hair

  • STYLE IT AND OWN IT – if you want to look as good as Kim K. in your platinum blonde locks, wear it confidence like she does! Own it and style is however you want. Just have fun with your hair.

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