How to Get an Abstract-Inspired Style with Laura Tønder

Art is one of the greatest influences that shape our culture and affect how we perceive things around us that can be reflected through sculpture, paintings, architecture, and even fashion. Abstract art does not attempt to represent external reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures. Mind behind the Couture Kulten blog, Laura Tønder is a style blogger known for her abstract-inspired style that can be mirrored through her avant-garde outfits, optical illusion-inspired prints, and abstract accessories. If you’re a fan of abstract art, but don’t know how to translate it to fashion, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Get an avant-garde piece that will make the statement for you.

avant garde dress with fur

brightly colored shoes with abstract print dress avant garde top with culottes avant garde mesh dress with vest avant garde dress with sneakers

Having one-of-a-kind or avant-garde piece on your outfit will make your street style unique and catchy. Like Laura, you may think of chunky knitwear that will look abstract-inspired in the winter or a mesh dress that will look eccentric in the summer. If you’re not prepared to splurge on a designer piece, you may also think of adding some eccentric details on your basic dress through the use of beads, fur, metallic elements and such. Going for dresses with eccentric cuts, exaggerated structures, architectural design, or fantasy-inspired details can help you get that abstract-inspired style you’re aiming for.

Wear your basic pieces in creative yet unexpected ways.

button down shirt with mustard tube and flared jeans wrap dress with slip on sandals white vest with black outfit and pearl choker slouchy outfit with bomber coat dress with blanket scarf cardigan with dress

You don’t always need one statement piece that looks abstract-inspired as you can make the look work by teaming your basic pieces in unexpected ways. Like Laura, add some flair to your typical button-down shirt and flared pants by wearing a tube top with your classic top. Instead of wearing a trench coat with your brightly colored dress, think of a blanket scarf, cape, or poncho that will make your silhouette a bit exaggerated. Robe dresses can be a great start on being creative on your outfit as you can wear it in a one-shoulder style like Laura did.

Resort to abstract-printed outfits.

optical illusion inspired top with metallic cap toe oxfords abstract print pants with button down shirt abstract print sweater with shorts abstract print jumpsuit abstract print dress with orange sunglasses

Effortless and easy, resorting to abstract prints on your tops, dresses, skirts, and pants will make your style art-inspired instantly. Like Laura, you may add some fun to your casual outfits by resorting to an optical illusion-inspired tee paired with jeans and a pair of cap-toe oxfords that will give you a cohesive yet abstract-inspired look. If you’re a fan of bright colors, get the shades of your abstract print dress and wear it on your accessories like Laura did, pairing her orange sunglasses with her avant-garde dress.

Opt for a novelty accessory or make your unique pieces complete your statement.

tweed sweater with abstract accessories orange sneakers with floral blazer and slouchy outfit colorful dress with avant garde belt boxy top with avant garde bag avant garde slip on shoes with striped outfit

You can get a pair of shoes in bright colors and eccentric shapes, but you can be simply creative by tying your belt in creative ways like Laura did with her colorful striped dress. Also, you may think of wearing your brightly-colored sneakers and colorful blazer to add some pop of color to your slouchy outfit like Laura did. Indeed, ways of getting an abstract-inspired style are endless. All you need is the creativity and confidence to wear the look on the streets.

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