How to Get a Playful yet Feminine Style with Chantal Galda

Having a feminine style may be easy rather than getting a playful look. Laces, feminine dresses, sexy heels and such can be great to get a feminine look, but incorporating playful touches can be a bit challenging as you wouldn’t like to look trying too hard or getting wrong impressions. Mind behind the Coco Rosa blog, Chantal Galda is a Pittsburgh and New York-based style blogger known for her playful yet feminine look that might inspire your street style. So, keep on reading to scoop some stylish tricks from her.

Add some playful touch to your outfit with trendy jewelry.

greek goddess inspired outfit

pearl choker with pink bandeau and full skirt necklace with ombre shirt and jeans layered necklace with cropped sweater and pastel pants

Accessories can make or break your look so pick ones that will flatter your personality. Like Chantal, you may think of a Greek-goddess inspired theme by wearing gold cuffs and mythological necklace with your white maxi dress. Wearing layered necklaces on your pastel outfits will add some trendy vibe your style. Also, think of a pearl choker that looks classy yet up-to-date that will go perfectly with your lace outfits, matching sets, and classic coats.

Embrace lace-up and ruffle details for a flirty look.

lace up bell sleeved top with lace skirt ruffled bandeau top with skirt ruffled bandeau top with pencil skirt lace up shirt dress with sling bag

Ruffles and lace-up details are indeed feminine and chic. So think of going for them especially in the summer to add some flair to your breezy look. Like Chantal, you may go for a lace-up blouse teamed with lace shirt or a lace-up shirtdress that looks breezy and chic. Since bandeau tops and crop tops are trendy in the summer months, add some playful flair to your feminine style by going for ruffled tops that look chic at the same time flirty.

Resort to feminine colors and pastel hues.

blue high low dress yellow crop top with lace skirt and pearl choker pink trousers and blazer with chic blouse pastel coat and dress with hat

Though pink evokes a feminine vibe, you could never go wrong with pastel hues of yellow, blue, lavender, and such. Like Chantal, you may add some playful vibe to your work outfits by going for a matching set of pink blazer and trousers. Or, look summer-inspired with a pastel yellow crop top teamed with lace skirt. Also, you may trade your maxi dresses with high-low dresses that look breezy and feminine at the same time.

Incorporate some novelty and quirky prints.

fish print dress with colorful clutch quirky seahorse print matching set quirky eye print dress with coat floral print matching crop top and full skirt

Wearing prints indeed add some personality to your style. Like Chantal, you may think of a seahorse print matching set, eye-print dress, fish-print dress, or a retro floral print matching set that will look playful at the same time feminine. Just keep the rest of your outfit and accessories muted so you’ll keep the focus on your creative prints.

Get a metallic pair of shoes or boots.

metallic silver pumps with all white outfit metallic loafers with chic outfit metallic boots with textured skirt and choker

Whether you’re heading to the office or to the park, going for a metallic pair of shoes or boots will add some modern at the same time playful vibe to your style. Like Chantal, trade your pair of black pumps with a pair of metallic silver one that will go perfectly with your business suits. Indeed, adding some playful touches to your feminine style will make your more stylish and unique on your looks.

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