How to Get a Modern Classic Style with Vera Mao

The mind behind the Naked Glory blog, Vera Mao is a Singapore-based blogger known for her modern classic looks featuring most basic yet sophisticated ensembles with a mix of modern touches. According to her, she can be very sophisticated, ultra-feminine, or even slightly boyish at times since she likes to incorporate menswear into her wardrobe often. If you have an eye for structured, tailored, and well put together with a little bit of street mixed in, keep on reading to add some modern flair to your classic style.

Trade your basic ensembles to leather pieces.

leather skirt with printed crop top

puffy sleeved blouse with leather skirt peplum leather blouse with sheer skirt

Peplum blouses, pencil skirts, A-line skirts, and full skirts are classic silhouettes every working woman are acquainted of, but to give a modern twist to your classic style, think of trading them with leather versions. Like Vera, a leather peplum top matched with a sheer pencil skirt can take your looks from office to girls’ night out. Or, add some edge to your casual street looks by pairing your printed crop top with an asymmetrical leather skirt like she did.

Embrace architectural structures and modern cuts.

all white outfit with sneakers structured ruffled top with pencil skirt pastel blue business suit off shoulder top with sheer skirt and transparent clutch cut out blouse with shorts and boots blue top with white skirt

Sharp edges, asymmetrical cuts, architectural structures and such are a trademark of modern fashion. So, incorporate these finishes into your style to create a modern classic look. Like Vera, you may go for a ruffled tank top made from neoprene, which is a bit stiff and structured, to add some flair to your classic pencil skirt. Or, add some eccentric touches by opting for a cut-out crop top to team with your structured and bowed skirt like Vera did, making a minimalist style modern and a bit trendy without going overboard.

Resort to metallic pieces to add some flair to your classic outfit.

metallic gold necklace with lace crop top and skirt metallic top with white blazer and pants metallic top with slirt skirt metallic silver bag with white outfit and transparent umbrella metallic pink blouse with jeans

Metallic trims of gold and silver can add some glam to whatever outfit you’re wearing. Since they can be considered as a neutral, they will go perfectly with any piece you own. For a casual chic look, you may think of a metallic pink top to add some sparkle on your casual jeans. Or, simply opt for a metallic bronze top teamed with a white skirt to add some flair on your daytime looks without looking flashy since gold and silver tones typically steal the show.

Select modern prints to add some trendy touch to your style.

water inspired zipped dress striped blazer with black skirt and tights colorful top with mesh skirt abstract print skirt with black tank top abstract print crop top with white pants abstract print architectural dress

Abstract and geometric prints are one of the modern motifs you may go for. Like Vera, you may start with a neutral colored abstract print consist of black and white shades to keep your style classic with a modern vibe. When you’re confident enough wearing colors, feel free to go for colorful stained glass themed prints, as well as graphic paintings, that will make your street style interesting. Indeed, a classy woman must master the tricks of putting a modern spin to her classic wardrobe, so she’ll get a timeless yet fashion-forward looks every time.

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