How to Get a Futuristic yet Editorial-Worthy Look

It’s common to hear about designers looking to the past for inspiration like vintage styles. However, drawing inspirations from the future became increasingly popular as many of the designs are highly fashion-forward and avant-garde, which can easily be integrated into your present-day wardrobe. Looking for inspiration on how to get a futuristic yet editorial-worthy look? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks.

  1. Incorporate futuristic accessories to your typical outfit.

bell sleeved jumpsuit with edgy belt

translucent-boots-with-mesh-dress futuristic outfit with boots futuristic outfit and studded shoes with choker black dress with futuristic belt and spiked necklace

If you’re unsure about wearing the futuristic look for the first time, you may start by incorporating the futuristic theme on your accessories. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, you may complement your asymmetrical outfit with a pair of spiked brogues and choker that will elevate your statement. Also, wide Victorian belts, spiked necklaces, metallic boots, translucent heels, patent boots, and futuristic shoes are great to complement the statement you’re trying to make.

  1. Resort to the metallic shades of silver or gold.

metallic-gold-dress metallic silver pants with techno top metallic silver pants with sweater metallic silver outfit metallic silver dress with jeans

Metallic silver accents may remind you of the astronaut suits, but you can still opt for the shade to create an editorial-worthy look. Metallic silver dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, coats, and blazers appear to be delicate and fancy, but also bold and futuristic at the same time. However, if you think metallic silver is too bold for you, then trade the shade with a gold one with unconventional patterns that will create an elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious vibe while looking futuristic at the same time.

  1. Get futuristic with your prints.

futuristic print with chic outfit aand peep toe boots sweetheart corset with graphic shirt sci fi inspired leggings with futuristic outfit graphic print top with peep toe boots graphic print outfit with studded cap

Designers seemingly have taken some inspiration from your favorite science fiction movies to create a futuristic look. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi movies or technology advancements, graphic leggings, geometric print dresses, and abstract print skirts can be great to channel the look you’re aiming for. Typically, the trend of wearing leggings is very revealing, but opting for graphic prints make them everyday appropriate while complementing your editorial-worthy look.

  1. Wear at least one or two unconventional pieces.

all gray outfit with boots striped-blazer-with-skirt-and-edgy-footwear peplum-top-with-skinny-pants futuristic black and white dress avant-garde sweater with futuristic style boots avant-garde-skirt-with-sweater asymmetrical-dress-with-blazer-and-golden-pumps architectural skirt with cropped sweater

Going for asymmetrical hemlines, architectural silhouettes, bell sleeves, boxy structures and such characteristics can make your style futuristic without going overboard. As you can see, avant-garde silhouettes are fashion-forward especially on the Fashion Weeks all over the globe. So, be creative picking your pieces to complement the editorial-worthy look you’re aiming for. To make your pieces a bit futuristic, make them exaggerated and unconventional when it comes to decorations, beadings, structures, and even hemlines. The curious thing about this trend is that in most cases, women are trying to cut down on any volume that adds to their silhouettes while designers are enlarging them.

  1. Create extreme silhouettes by layering your ensembles.

techno inspired outfit with cute sunglasses layered outfit woth platform shoes futuristic outfit with bubble boots fur coat with corset top and dress cute clutch bag with monochromatic outfit

You may think of creating extreme silhouettes by layering your ensembles together, especially if you’re not willing to invest on individual futuristic pieces. Coats, pants, jackets, tank tops, vests, and dresses can create a futuristic look when styled strategically. Indeed, a futuristic look can be a stylish means of showcasing your imagination while getting that editorial-worthy look that steals the show.

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