How to Get a Covetable Style with Soraya Bakhtiar

Having a great style is good is a thing, but to be on the receiving end of compliments, you have to get a covetable style that turns heads. A native Swiss beauty with a very intriguing Persian and Egyptian background, Soraya Bakhtiar is a style blogger known for her admirable looks that’s covetable and unique. She strikes the perfect chord between high fashion and high street. However, you don’t need a lot of money or time as all you need is some inspiration that will transform an ordinary look into a fashion-forward one.

Define your signature style.

chic eyelet dress with heels

modern classic outfit with loafers flared pants with bohemian top eccentric skirt with studded jacket

Since Soraya has a chameleon style, she could transition easily to whatever looks she wants. Like her, you may go for a modern classic style by going for a pair of culottes, off-shoulder blouse, and a pair of loafers that looks chic and polished that can look great at creative offices. If you’re a fan of a carefree look, opt for a pair of flared pants, leather trousers, and a skinny scarf that will complete your statement. If you’re looking for a chic and feminine style, you could never go wrong with eyelet dresses that can be perfect for garden parties and semi-formal occasions.

Dress up your basics ensembles.

button down shirt with studded jacket and metallic sneakers metallic skirt with crop top lace skirt with leather jacket graphic tee with denim shorts and tuxedo

If you wish to get a covetable style but you only have a few basics in your closet, it’s just fine. Simply dress up your button-down shirt, jeans, plain tee, tailored blazer, and such and exude the right attitude and confidence. Like Soraya, you may resort to a metallic silver skirt that can update your basic crop top, or top a tuxedo blazer on your casual outfit to dress it up a bit. Think of novel ways of wearing your basic shirt whether it’s tucked, hang loose, or half-tucked that can look effortlessly cool with studded jackets and metallic sneakers.

Learn how to pull off bold color and prints.

bright skirt with cut out top retro floral jumpsuit with mules colorful tribal print jumpsuit with clutch color blocked skirt with eyelet top

Wearing colors and prints to your outfit can add some flair to your style. Like Soraya, you may team your brightly-colored skirt with an architectural cut-out top, or go for a statement print like a tribal print jumpsuit that looks carefree and cool. This way, you’ll make your style look fashion-forward while staying true to your individuality.

Add a third piece.

metallic gold sandals with retro floral dress lace dress with colorful clutch boho necklace with gypsy outfit bandana scarf with striped tee and flared pants

Don’t over think your outfit as a great style doesn’t have to mean wearing head to toe statement pieces. Like Soraya, you may opt for a bandana scarf to add some flair to your bohemian outfit, or a metallic gold pair of heels to add some elegance to your retro floral dress. Indeed, a covetable style is achievable as long as you heed these tricks from Soraya.

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