How to Get a Contemporary Minimalist Style with Charlie May

Usually evolve around blacks and whites, minimalism may seem boring to some. However, a minimalist look is actually one of the timeless styles you may go for since it’s versatile, sharp, and sleek. Mind behind the Girl A La Mode blog, Charlie is a style blogger from Devon, South West England known for her contemporary minimalism style. Her outfits are directional and fresh with a focus on streamlined silhouette, sleek fabrication, and neutral palette. If you’re looking for contemporary ways to refresh your minimalist style, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Incorporate modern ensembles into your neutral palette.

architectural top with boxy trousers and white pumps

silk joggers with sheer top and bomber jacket silk camisole with vest and white pants mesh romper with clogs leather wrap skirt with white blouse black lace dress with lug sole shoes

If you’re wardrobe consists of classic pieces like a button-down shirt, turtlenecks, cashmere sweater, skinny jeans, straight leg pants, and blazers, it’s time to add some modern pieces to your collection. A minimalist look tends to look boring when classic ensembles worn with simple pieces and makes no statement at all. Like Charlie, you may start by going for an architectural top which will make your classic pants interesting, or a leather wrap skirt that will update your crisp button-down blouse. Going for a slip dress that can now be worn outdoors, as well as mesh romper, can be great to add some interest to your minimalist style while giving it some contemporary vibe.

Add some flair to your minimalist style with modern footwear.

black and white platform shoes with minimalist outfit wedges pumps with bomber jacket and navy pants oxfords with white shirt dress and clutch mesh bomber jacket with leather skirt and lug sole shoes chunky nude sandals with minimalist outfit

Shoes can make or break your look, so elevate your statement by picking statement-making ones even in the neutral shades of black or white. Going for a pair of lug sole shoes, wedges pumps, architectural heels, leather Birkenstocks, and strappy nude sandals can be great to refresh your minimalist outfits. Classic pumps and ankle boots may be timeless, but it won’t likely bring some interest to your already-simple outfits.

Mix sporty pieces with chic ensembles.

leather boxer shorts with coat and button down shirt sporty chic outfit with sneakers sneakers with sporty chic outfit leather joggers with off shoulder blouse and sneakers leather joggers with black blouse

Wearing your sporty pieces like bomber jackets, jogger pants, boxer shorts, sweatshirts, and sneakers with chic pieces will make your minimalist style modern and trendy. Like Charlie, you may start by teaming your leather boxers with a classic button-down shirt and pinstripe coat, or your jogger pants with a chic black blouse. This way, you’ll give your minimalist style some contemporary touches that will make your street looks interesting even you’re sticking with the neutral shades, as a minimalist style always does.

Wear your classic pieces modernly.

suit with pleated skirt and sneakers sheer top with floor length cardigan and white pants mesh dress with skinny jeans and sneakers leather skirt with button down shirt and bomber jacket jacket with gray tee and slit skirt frayed culottes with button down shirt button down shirt with navy coat and skinny pants

Instead of wearing your button-down shirts with straight-leg pants, try making some tweaks to keep your minimalist look modern. Like Charlie, you may think of wearing your tuxedo blazer with a pleated skirt, banded sweater, and a pair of sneakers for an effortlessly cool look, or team your mesh dress with a pair of skinny jeans for a layered look. Simple tweaks like doing the half-tuck, wearing billowy with baggy, and wearing camisoles with chic pieces can be enough to make your minimalist style modern and fashion-forward.

Indeed, a minimalist style is one of the timeless looks you may opt for. Just be creative on making tweaks on your outfits to add some modern flair and interest onto them.

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