How to Get a Bold yet Laidback Style This Fall with Aimee Song

It may be challenging to look laidback while creating a bold statement, since a fashion-forward look requires effort and style. Mind behind the Song of Style blog, Aimee Song is a Los Angeles-based fashion blogger known for her bold yet laidback style that might inspire your fall looks. So, keep on reading to learn the tricks of having that bold style while keeping everything laidback and effortless.

Go monochromatic, but work for a theme.


chunky-sweater-with-navy-skirt-and-ankle-boots chic-riding-boots-with-sailor-cap-and-accordion-skirt

A monochromatic style is a timeless way of looking elegant, but it can easily look dull and boring especially if you don’t know to put it together. Instead of just keeping your fabric contrast and monochromatic hues, get a theme to make your style interesting. Like Aimee, you may go classy, equestrian-chic, and urban style to look bold. Wearing your black sweater with accordion skirt topped with a sailor cap and riding boots will give a classic statement. Or, opt for a chunky sweater and studded skirt that can be complemented with a studded leather jacket and ankle boots.

Resort to a pair of edgy shoes or boots.

camel-coat-with-chelsea-stiletto-boots off-shoulder-dress-with-edgy-loafers

One of the easiest ways to look bold yet laidback is to opt for a pair of edgy shoes or boots. If you wish for a sexy yet laidback statement, resort to a pair of stiletto boots like Chelsea boots that look a bit masculine yet chic. To make everything effortlessly cool, resort to masculine shoes like oxfords, loafers, and brogues. Like Aimee, you may wear a pair of loafers with a chic silk dress to add some edge to your feminine outfit.

Opt for leather ensembles that will make your style edgy.

leather-jacket-with-plaid-skirt-and-peep-toe-boots over-the-knee-boots-with-studded-leather-shorts-and-oversized-sweater leather-trousers-with-sweater-and-loaferspatent-oxfords-with-casual-chic-outfit

Leather ensembles like shorts, jackets, trousers, skirts and such will make your style edgy. Like Aimee, team your chunky sweater with a pair of studded leather shorts and over the knee boots, or top your fall outfit with a leather biker jacket. You may also opt for leather dresses that can be warm enough for the fall season, as well as leather skirts that can add some edge to your night out’s outfits. This way, you’ll create a bold statement while keeping everything laidback.

Wear edgy yet laidback prints.

tribal-print-kimono-with-fall-outfit striped-tee-with-white-jeans-and-biker-jacket camo-jacket-with-leather-joggers-and-graohic-tee

Camouflage prints and tribal prints are some of the edgy prints that can be appropriate this fall season. Like Aimee, you may simply top a camouflage print jacket to your edgy outfit of graphic tee and leather joggers. If you’re out of town, a tribal print coat will be great to make your style carefree when worn with jeans and tall boots. However, these prints are not encouraged to wear at professional settings so trade them to classic stripes just to add some edge to your looks. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to create a bold yet laidback statement this fall.