How to Follow Trends on a Budget

For those whose daily goals include looking stylish and staying chic, keeping up with the trend is a must. Trends, however, are fickle and keeping up can be both tricky and expensive. If you’re a fashionista on a budget, I’m pretty sure you’ve had your fair share of workarounds around certain trends that came with a bit of a steep price tag during its reign. Here are some tips and tricks on how to follow trends on a budget for the trends that are yet to come.

  1. Use the pieces you already own – just because the trend is new does not mean you have to have new pieces to get the look. Check out what you already have in your closet, I’m pretty sure you have a few pieces in there that will work with the trend you’re going for. Some basics can be dressed up to achieve the look of certain trends, too.maxi cardigan trend
    trendy skirt with sheer panel
  2. Get inspiration – when following trends, it is important to still have a vibe in your look that’s representative of your own style. This means you don’t have to copy a look you like piece by piece but rather getting inspiration from it instead and then coming up with a look that translates to that trend injected with your own style.gorgeous outfit on trend kimono cardigan trend with moschino belt
  3. Scout affordable trends – as you know, not all trends will work for everyone. Some trends may suit you more than it will others and there are also other trends that are more suited for your budget, too. Scour the internet for up and coming trends that are both stylish and affordable.gigi hadid crop top trend golden bloom printed dress
  4. Look for alternative – remember when cape coats first stole the spotlight? It was Burberry who made them popular, providing style icons with personalized cape coats that bore their initials. Just because a trend was popularized by an expensive brand doesn’t mean you have to get yours from them. Many affordable alternatives quickly became available for everyone soon after the cape coat was put in the fashion spotlight.rainbow stripe pencil skirt shirt dress trend gigi hadid
  5. Go thrifting for trends – the great thing about fashion trends is that they’re always in a cycle. What’s popular now could either be popular again in the next few years or it could also be something that was already made popular years before. The best place to go hunting for trendy pieces from recycled trends? The thrift store, of course! Go ahead and go in there, you’ll never know what great finds you’ll get in there.print on print trend fun and trendy outfit


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