How to Flatter a Thick Waist

Dressing your body type is one of the timeless tricks to look your best. Having a thick waist may hinder you from wearing your favorite pieces as it may highlight your flaws even more. A thick waist is a sort of figure that is straight rather than curved. If you’re concerned on your muffin top or a thick waist, keep on reading for our fashion tricks to flatter them.

Draw the attention away from your waist with a flattering neckline.

asymmetric tent dress

v-neck novelty print dress retro dress with floral headband plunging neck dress with boots

Since this figure tends to carry weight around the mid-section, deep v-necks, scoop necks, or cuts with pleats that gathers under the bust can draw the eye vertically down the tummy. You may also go for asymmetric necklines if you wish to look more demure, but go for forgiving silhouettes that float away from your body. A-line dresses, shift dresses, and tent dresses can be great to camouflage your thick waist. If you have a conservative neckline, feel free to go shorter on your hemline to draw the attention below your waist.

Embrace loose, boxy, and forgiving silhouette to diminish your thick waist.

boxy top with flared pants oversized sweater with lace skirt loose top with skirt and tite bag button down shirt with quilted jacket and jeans

A thick waist can be camouflaged by loose tops which by-pass the waistline and fall straight to the hips. If you think loose blouses look slouchy on you, trade them with boxy tops that will look proportionate with flared and wide leg pants. A generous empire-waist dress cut will draw attention to your upper torso and not your waist. Also, tunic dresses cover up undefined middle waists. When wearing oversized tops like a sweater, always balance them by showing some skin with sheer skirts, or wearing something fitted on your bottom-half.

Create an illusion of a slender waist with stylish toppers.

all black outfit with trench coat floor length vest with casual outfit denim jacket with casual outfit and woven bag boyfriend blazer with white outfit

If you wish to diminish your thick waist, resort to your stylish toppers that will create vertical lines with its lapels. Bomber jackets, cardigans, trench coats, denim jackets, structured vests, motorcycle jackets, leather vests, and such can be stylish and functional enough to flatter your thick waist. Just keep your outfits and toppers in different colors to create some contrast as a monochromatic scheme may widen you depending on its color and fit.

Take advantage of side panels and vertical stripes.

side paneled dress side paneled dress with chic bomber jacket printed coat with casual outfit pink dress with side panels caftan dress with summer tote

Vertical stripes are slimming as it creates a lean line that tricks the eyes. One of the best ideas is wearing dresses or tops with side panels, especially a color block center and black edges as they are style wonders skimming inches off your middle. Also, think of striped details on your outfits that can add an illusion of a slimmer waist. Just be mindful of its placement so the patterns would serve you instead of highlighting your flaws that you aim to conceal. Indeed, dressing for your body type is a means of looking great on whatever occasion you’re going to. Just follow these stylish tricks so you’ll flatter your thick waist and you’ll look fashion-forward as always.

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